About Me

Hi there,

I’m Jess from the land down under – aka Australia. I’m an avid reader and writer and pretty much devote all my spare time to these two loves. Which is kind of lucky because my day job entails selling books 🙂 In recent years I’ve discovered an amazing website called Goodreads where my inner book nerd was able to squel in delight and frolick until her hearts content. Although it took me some time to learn the ins-and-outs of that site (I still am truth be told) I can’t get enough of it. In recent months I’ve started to review books and found it to be alot of fun. While reviewing books I had this crazy idea to start up my own blog – I’d be considering it for so long, but until talking with a very close friend of mine I hadn’t done anything about it. So here we are, at my first very own blog dedicated to everything book-like and within the writing domain.

I read a lot of fiction, especialy women’s/contemporary/chick lit. Jodi Picoult, Dianne Blacklock, Paullina Simmons (The Bronze Horseman Series’ is out of this world) are just a few of my favourites. I love a good douse of Young Adult (YA) and have found on occasion I go on YA kicks and devour everything I can get my hands on. I can’t go past Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games series and Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed series. John Green’s ‘The Fault in our Stars is one of the most heartbreaking and ground/life changing books I have ever read. But my all time favourite author and book would have to Maureen McCarthy and her novel When You Wake and Find You Gone.  Its the novel that really got me to read and I haven’t stopped yet. Like most girls, I’m quite partial to a bit of Romance, but strong characters are an absoulte must. Thanks to Helene Young’s amazing work I’ve been converted to the genre of Romantic Suspence and am trying a range of different authors because of it. Bronwyn Parry is fantastic if you’re ever looking for some to read. Perfect mix of crime, suspense, thriller and of course romance 🙂 Crime and Thrillers are genres that are relatively new to me, but I can’t get enough of them at the moment. I’m a huge fan of Matthew Reilly, Jaye Ford and S.J.Watson. Like every bookworm I adore my classics – Etherl Turner’s Seven Little Australians is a book I constantly re-read, as are all the variations on the fairytales that I can find. Both original and retold. To that end Kate Forsyth is a must read with her novel Bitter Greens. But one can never go past yours Oscar Wildes and Hans Christian Andersons and the Grimms Brothers just to name a few.  Fantasy and sci-fi are genres I’m a bit wary of. As is Paranomal. It seems just about everbody has a vampire book out these days and its just flooding the markets across the board. That said said I inhaled Lani Taylor‘s Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the same goes with Melina Marchetta’s Finkin of the Rock. I’ve read George R.R.Martin’s Game of Thrones and while I quite enjoyed it I needed a much deserved break after making it through that many pages. And after we got over all the trees and their backstories in Lord Of The Rings, I quite enjoyed Tolkein‘s series and his The Hobbit.

As you can see I read a lot and I try to read widely. Feel free to recommend an author or a book for me to try – I’m always looking for something different to try.

About two years ago I noticed that everything I read was either American or British, but mostly American and that kind of came as a shock to me. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to work in or for the book industry in Australia and I knew from an early age that that would require me to help promote and ensure the survival of Australian Fiction. And I wasn’t doing my part. Its not that I felt as though I needed to read everything an Aussie had ever written, but I felt then and I feel quite strongly still, that I needed to read more Australian fiction. And for a year and half I did. Until about half way through last year when I discovered via the Australian Women’s Writers Challenge hosted by Shelleyerae at Book’d Out that I while I was certaintly reading more Australian Authors, I was mainly reading male writers. Since then, with a key focus to this year, I am trying to change this and read more widely and more female Australian Writers as part of the Australian Women’s Writers Challenge, as well as male  Australian authors. That’s not to say I won’t read anyone else from anywhere else, because I think we all know that I will. I already have my list of new releases for 2013 that I just must get my hands on as soon as its released and I’m constantly finding new authors and books to read all the time.

I hope you can find something you enjoy here at The Never Ending Bookshelf and I look forward to hearing from you and you’re equally overloaded bookshelves.

Until next time – Happy Reading.



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