The Never Ending Bookshelf…?

Hi There,

In today’s day and age when it seems that everyone has a blog and there appears to be a million directed at books and the art of writing, you may be wondering why I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon all of a sudden? Truth be told I’ve wanted to start a blog for about six months now, but haven’t really known how to go about it. Well now I’m here, I’m going to learn pretty quickly I think.

The Never Ending Bookshelf is primarily going to be a blog about books, those I’ve liked, those I haven’t and those I can’t wait for or wish I’d never read in the first place. You may notice that many of the reviews that I post (especially the first lot) have also/will also appear on Goodreads. This is because I first started to write reviews and post them there and while I have this site now, I will still continue to post them there. For reviews that where originally posted on Goodreads you will notice down the bottom of the review I will state the date that I posted in there – this is to prove that this review is mine and therefore not plagerised.  At times I will also feature some posts relating to the art of writing and things along a similar line.

As the name suggests The Never Ending Bookshelf was inspired by my own never ending bookshelves that despite my constant need to read, I never seem to make much progress through. You see I have this awful habit (some call it obession) of buying more books than I can get through in a resonable amount of time and thus it appears my bookshelves are forever overflowing. This small fact hasn’t stopped my from buying more books to date, and I doubt it ever will. Instead it means I live in a constant state of surprise when I am able to find books that I have long forgotten buying, only to find myself once more excited and inspired to read them as though it was the first time I had laid eyes on them.  I can assure you  this is in fact a good thing as despite there being no space on my desk, I always have something constantly to read and on the go. I think its safe to say that I am not the only one with this problem.

Until next time – Happy Reading.



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