Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

Published June 1, 2009 by Point

Hardback. 292 pages

2 out 5 stars

Sea Change is the story of science loving Melinda Merchant, and what she discovers (both about herself and the Island of Selkie) when she spends a brief summer on Selkie Island helping her Mother sort out her Grandma’s  (recently deceased) affairs.

When I picked up this book I thought it would hold a lot of mystery and intrigue, but honestly, I was bored reading it for the most part. In fact I only became intrigued by the story line in the last hundred pages when things actually began to happen, and yet nothing really did happen sadly. The novel for starters lacks depth. The characters are one-dimensional at best and they most definitely do not have any form of personal growth. The ‘love story’ is rushed and over the top, and nothing is ever explained. The whole mystery of the Island is never really questioned. Melinda’s big reveal is stinted, because she decides she can’t really be bothered and she doesn’t want to know. Which is a rather intriguing idea – one that I originally liked, until I thought back on the book and realised that the whole point of it was for her to understand the mystery of the Island and sort the fact from the fiction. There’s just too many questions raised and barely anything is ever answered. The writing is average, neither particularly well-written nor poorly written.

This review was originally post on Goodreads on July 24, 2012. It underwent a few spelling corrections but remains mostly the same and can be found at


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