Happy Valentines Day Booklovers!


Got the best news for Valentines day today!

Last year in Australia was named the National Year of Reading and in support of this the Get Reading program ammped up their antics and developed a program that supported the concept of reading by supporting Australian authors. They organised author events nation wide and really brought the world of books into a different light for readers both young and old. I personally attended many of these local events and loved every second of them. Not only did I get to meet some incrediable authors – Diane Blacklock, Liane Moriarty, Ber Carroll, Helene Young, Jaye Ford and Wendy James (although these last two were not part of the program, I met them at functions for the program) just to name a few – but I was also introduced to a number of new and exciting books – and lets face it, who doesn’t like that.

I know a lot of readers like myself were afraid that these opportunites would simply disappear once 2012 and the National Year of Reading was over. Alas, it was released recently that this was not to be the case! Considering the success of 2012’s campaign, Get Reading have decided to continue their program and will introduce and feature a new book each month, including covering travel costs and such for authors allowing them to meet their adoring fans!  This month is Graeme Simsion, of the Rosie Project  fame and my local library was lucky enough to have him appearing at an author event today! More about that in the coming days, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know the good news.

If you’d like more information on the Get Reading program visit http://www.getreading.com.au/. They run regular competitions and offer a montly email subscription.

Until next time, Happy Reading,


p.s. Did you get anything awesome for Valentines day? I scored a free bookmark and chocolate from my library while attending the event and I’m pretty happy with that! I’ll endevour to take a photo of it and upload it shortly to share 🙂


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