Lady Jane’s Salon: A Romance Reading Series

Lady Jane’s Salon originated in Feb 2009 in New York as a monthly romance fiction reading. It was started by award winning novelists Hope Tarr, Leanne Renee Hieber, Maya Rodale and Ron Hogan (a book Blogger). As it was explained to us Aussies last night, the salon is a way to share and create our reading experiences. It invites authors to read passages from their novels to further ignite the mutual love of romance and introduce readers to new voices, new characters, new loves. Admission to the event is a gently read book which is then donated and sold, with the profits going to a much loved and needed charity.

Last night we were incredibly lucky to have been involved in the first Lady Jane’s Salon hosted outside of America. Hope Tarr was our guest and MC and is such a lovely and inspiring women. When she stood in front of our captive audience, describing her baby (the Salon) and how the room would usually be decked out in red and the walls covered in eighteenth century art work, it was not hard to be mesmerised by her passion and enthusiasm. Our Salon featured four authors reading their work: the hilariously entertaining Cathy Maxwell read from ‘Treasured Vows’; Keri Arthur read from her upcoming novel ‘Darkness Unmasked’ and had everyone shivering with her imagery of a ceiling full of spiders; Amy Andrew’s had the room in stitches with her bewitching reading of ‘Taming the Tycoon’; last but by no means least was Anna Campbell who lived up to her reputation and had everyone both enthralled, but also giggling ( herself included) with the reading of her popular novel ‘Seven Nights In A Rogues Bed’. Tonight’s charity was Youth Care.

Listening to each author speak about their work, and then listen to them read a passage aloud was such a unique experience and one I am sure I will never forget. The passion each speaker had for their characters, their stories, and their loves were contagious and I can already see myself walking out with a bunch of new books come the end of today.

I highly recommend you attend an event of this kind if you ever get the chance; it is well worth it!

In today’s agenda:
* Rachael Vincent keynote address – I met her last night and she is divine.
*Kristan Higgins book launch of ‘The Best Man’
*RWA info session
*A Collection of concurrent sessions
*And most exciting, A Two Hour Book Signing Event with 66 international authors 🙂

Happy Reading.


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