Book News: Matthew Reilly’s New Release Due Out November 2013

For those who know me, I’m a huge Matthew Reilly fan. I’m new to his cult following, and simply can not get enough of his writing. I’ve read just about every single one of his books to date – well inhaled them really, I read each of them in about two days each and then started to reread some. And unlike many people I know, I can’t choose who I like better – Scarecrow or Jack West – both have such strong and amazing qualities that they tie in my mind for different reasons. I just simply can’t get enough.

I was lucky enough to be in charge of my store’s book departement during Matthew Reilly’s last release – Scarecrow and the Army Of  Thieves – and thus met Matthew during his book tour.  In fact we were one of the last stores he visited before his tour was postponed due to a death in the family. I again met Matthew Reilly last year at Supanova and was so excited because he remembered who I was. Fan girl moment to the max!

Today, Matthew Reilly released the title of his soon-to-be-published novel via his facebook and website and I am pleased to annouce to those who haven’t heard that his new novel will be called:  The Tournament.

If you’ve never read any of Matthew Reilly’s work, I can not stress enough how badly I think you should. When people ask me what his novels are like, I generally respond with the question “do you like action movies?” because if you do than Matthew Reilly is an author you should read. If you love a bit of intrigue, mystery, adventure and a tiny bit or romance, but a lot of action (not the romantic kind) then I highly recommend you seek out any one of his novels; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Below, is the exact announcement and book blurb that Matthew released today via facebook.

March Update (12 March, 2013)Hi there everyone,

A big announcement today! The announcement of the title of my upcoming novel! The title of my next book is…


The year is 1546.

… Europe lives in fear of the powerful Islamic empire to the East. Under its charismatic Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, it is an empire on the rise. It has defeated Christian fleets. It has conquered Christian cities.

Then the Sultan sends out an invitation to every king in Europe: send forth your champion to compete in a tournament unlike any other.

We follow the English delegation, selected by King Henry VIII himself, to the glittering city of Constantinople, where the most amazing tournament ever staged will take place.

But when the stakes are this high, not everyone plays fair, and for our team of plucky English heroes, winning may not be the primary goal. As a series of barbaric murders take place, a more immediate goal might simply be staying alive…


That’s how I’d describe it.

It’s fast, it’s thrilling, it has heaps of twists and turns, and it’s very, very grisly in places. I love it and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world! I hope you enjoy it.

It’ll be out in Australia in November and I’ll be on the road, looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can.


I’ve been doing some speeches lately – from Dalby Library in Queensland to Cranbourne Library in Victoria and a bunch of places in between. I’ve met many lovely fans and would like to thank the various libraries for having me. (I’ll be at Holroyd Library in Merrylands in Sydney this Thursday night, March 14.)

I am also, just quietly, absolutely blazing my way through a new novel. I’m very excited about it and thrilled to feel the creative juices flowing so freely.

It’s not a historical novel like THE TOURNAMENT and it’s not a sequel to any of my existing series. It’s an epic techno-thriller set in the present day and it absolutely rocks. If I keep going at my current rate, I may – no promises here – get it out in 2014, so my readers will get two books in two consecutive years, something I haven’t done in a long while. If I can make this happen, I will.

Which means I’d better get back to the keyboard!

Wishing you all the very best,

Matthew Reilly
Sydney, Australia

To find out more about Matthew Reilly and his books  or simply to view this post where he originally posted it visit his facebook page, his website, or his goodreads page.  

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