April is Aussie Book Month!

So I made a pretty amazing discovery today. April has been formally dedicated to being Aussie Book Month in the book world! Well in Australia anyway.

Aussie Author Month is about celebrating the uniqueness and great quality of literature our nation produces by the promotion of authors and books we love from Australia (or, as with various celebrities and pavlova, those we claim as our own anyway even if they live in another country nearby).

Another important aspect of Aussie Author Month is also recognising that literacy in this country isn’t as widespread as it should be, particularly among Indigenous and remote communities. As well as bringing attention to our glorious Aussie authors, we want to raise awareness and help fundraise for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time because unknowingly I had already set up a fairly big Australian focus for the month of April. In particular, Australian Women Writer’s. There’s some author interviews scheduled, and a lot of book reviews and a give away or two so make sure you check back throughout the month to see what’s happening.

So right now I’m rather excited, because it means I can expand my plans for the month even more.

For more information on how you can participate or help head on over to the Aussie Author Month page and have fun celebrating our local talent!


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