Fiona McIntosh Giveaway Winners!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who read my recent posts and entered my Fiona McIntosh giveaway. Many of you named books I had neither read nor heard off, and subsequently my reading pile has grown bigger 🙂

As promised, the two winners from this giveaway are receiving a copy of Fiona McIntosh’s novel ‘The French Promise’ courtesy of Penguin Books Australia.

Congratulations go to Kathryn and JessS!

I’ve sent you both an email requesting your addresses so I can send the books out 🙂

As for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled, I have a few more giveaways lined up for this month still to come. All of the books on offer are by Australian Authors, Australian Women Writer’s to be exact, keeping with the Aussie Book Month theme and the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge (AWW2013).

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and reading some awesome books 🙂



One thought on “Fiona McIntosh Giveaway Winners!

  1. Kathryn says:

    I am so excited to have won!! Thanks, Jess!

    I am currently reading (and enjoying) The Lavender Keeper so I will look forward to reading The French Promise! I’m also currently reading My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin, as recommended in one of the other posts for the Fiona McIntosh giveaway. I’m almost halfway through and am amazed that it was written by a young woman at the turn of the 20th century. Also a poignant reminder of how tough life could be in those times…

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