‘Waiting On’ Wednesday: The Best Man by Dianne Blacklock

Weekly Meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking The Spines

Ten minutes ago I saw the cover for one of my favourite Australian Author’s, Dianne Blacklock’s new release! In true fan girl style, I jumped up out of my seat all excited like only to have no where to go and sat back down grinning like a fool. After a quick search via google I can’t tell you much about this book really as even the publisher – Pan Macmillan Australia – don’t have much, or really anything up on their site yet. Currently there’s no goodreads entry either. This makes me somewhat sad because I can’t start counting down the days till its released, nor can I tell you when it’s released, but either way I’m so excited! UPDATE: The publisher updated their page! Below is the blurb and the official release date of 1.9.13 I can’t wait!

This week’s ‘Waiting On’ Wednesday is:

The Best Man by Dianne Blacklock

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia

and according to Dianne Blacklock’s website it’s due out in Spring (1.9.13)!

Everything seems to be going perfectly in Madeleine’s life ā€“ she’s a successful publicist in a book publishing house, and through work has met the love of her life, children’s author Henry Darrow, who she’s convinced is the loveliest man on earth.

Things haven’t always been so perfect for Madeleine, though. When her father died suddenly, it hit her hard; at the same time she struggled with the demands of her lifestyle and felt as though her life was spinning out of control. Until she met Henry.

Now they are set to marry and live happily ever after when their best man arrives in town ā€“ handsome, charming and ever attentive, Aiden is a welcome visitor. But his presence soon causes ripples in the happy couple’s world, as he brings secrets with him ā€“ and starts to unravel some of Madeleine’s.

As the big day draws closer, Madeleine starts to question her commitment to Henry: Is he really the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with?



2 thoughts on “‘Waiting On’ Wednesday: The Best Man by Dianne Blacklock

  1. brendat59 says:

    Hi Jess, I entered it into the data base today, and I know you’ve found it, as you have it TO READ šŸ™‚ I was going to put the link in here for you, but I don’t need to now! x

    • Jess says:

      YAY! Thanks heaps for that Brenda. I was searching everywhere for information on it and then I figured you’d seen the facebook update by Dianne Blacklock because a few minutes after this post went up, you had added it into the system. Or at least I assumed it was you šŸ™‚

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