Sunday ‘Shelve it!’

shelve_big1Hosted by Magan & Estelle @ Rather Be Reading

I haven’t done a Sunday ‘Shelve it!’ in a while mostly due to blog issues at the old blog, but also due to a netgalley spree I went on awhile back that meant I banned myself from purchasing or requesting any more books for a while while I caught up. Although I’m not quite there yet, I am catching up slowly and have a bunch of reviews to post in the coming weeks 🙂

Recently though I’ve brought a few ebooks (I’ve been naughty I know!) or been given some by friends and though it might be fun to share those ones this week as part of this meme. A few of these books were on special, some even free on amazon, and some brought over the last few weeks; you’ll notice as well that there’s a few Ice Hockey related ones this week. It’s Winter, the season is upon us and I love the game.

Click on any of the images and the link should take you to their Goodreads entry to learn more about them 🙂

Purchased (ebook)

Received as Gift (In Print)


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