COVER REVEAL: Finding Judgement by Natalie Gayle

Some of you might have remembered that earlier on this year I read, reviewed and interviewed Natalie Gayle’s debut novel Finding Trust, today I’m excited to be able to announce that not only has Natalie got a new book due out in the next few weeks, but I have an extra special treat for you romance lovers, as Gayle has granted me permission to reveal book two’s cover! And what a cover it is!

Finding Judgement by Natalie Gayle


Rory Southall’s dreams have been haunted by the beautiful blonde pixie he’d helped three months ago. Imagine his surprise when his next assignment is to investigate none other than the very same woman.

TJ Walsh is holding on to her family’s trucking company by a thread. For the last two and a half years, she’s been trying to keep the debt-ridden business afloat and her family fed. She’s driven and desperate to make ends meet. But she remembers every detail of a chance meeting three months ago with a handsome stranger.

What happens when a simple supply chain investigation morphs into a deadly web of lies and deceit and TJ finds herself squarely in the middle of it? It seems that very same handsome stranger has rescued her again, but how could that be? And how exactly does the illegal genetically modified products he’s investigating have anything to do with her?

How will she cope with knowing the danger is much closer to home than she thought? When everyone seems to be gunning for them, can she find love and salvation with Rory before it’s too late?

Due for release: 19th July 2013


One thought on “COVER REVEAL: Finding Judgement by Natalie Gayle

  1. Natalie Gayle says:

    Hey Jess

    Thanks for posting this. Just so you know Finding Trust is on sale at the moment for 99c from all the usual places. This is to celebrate the release of Finding Judgement next month.

    Thanks again – hope you enjoy Finding Judgement!


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