Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2013 (AWW2013) Update

At the end of last year I decided to commit myself to the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge for 2013. I loved the premise of the challenge, and thought that it was the perfect way to experience a wider range of writing and hopefully sample a variety of new-to-me authors. I signed up at Franklin Level, which meant I had to read ten books written by Australian Women Writer’s and review at least six. I am happy to announce today that I have well and truly beat that number already and plan to continue doing so throughout the rest of the year.

To date, I have read a grand total of Forty-two books (42) and of those thirty-three (33) were by Female Australian Writers. I’m currently reading (and almost finished) books thirty-four (34) and thirty-five (35). My reviewing has fallen behind as of late due to personal reasons and work commitments, however I have so far sixteen (16) books for this challenge with the intention and aim to review at least fifty (50) for the challenge in total. The remaining books read so far have reviews in various stages of writing and editing and should be posted soon.

1. Dead Heat – Bronwyn Parry (REVIEWED)

2. Finnikin Of The Rock – Melina Marchetta (REVIEWED)

3. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing – Gabrielle Lord (REVIEWED)

4. Man Drought – Rachael Johns (REVIEWED)

5. Bridie’s Choice – Karly Lane (REVIEWED)

6. As Darkness Falls – Bronwynn Parry (review to come soon)

7. One Little White Lie – Loretta Hill (REVIEWED)

8. Just Breathe – Janette Paul (AKA Jaye Ford) (REVIEWED)

9. Hope’s Road – Margareta Osborn (REVIEWED)

10. Taming the Tycoon – Amy Andrews (REVIEW TO COME SHORTLY)

11. The Venetian Affair – Dana Mitchell (REVIEWED)

12. The French Promise – Fiona McIntosh (REVIEWED)

13. Blackwattle Lake – Pamela Cook  (review to come soon)

14. Saving Grace – Fiona McCallum (REVIEWED)

15.  Song Of The Bellbirds – Anne McCullagh Rennie (REVIEWED)

16. Jillaroo by Rachael Treasure (REVIEWED)

17. Finding Trust – Natalie Gayle (REVIEWED)

18. Ryder’s Ridge – Charlotte Nash (REVIEWED)

19. Heart Of The Valley – Cathryn Hein (review to come soon)

20. Beneath Outback Skies – Alissa Callen (review to come soon)

21. The Famer’s Wife – Rachael Treasure (half way through writing review)

22. Dark Horse – Honey Brown (review to come soon)

23. Enamoured – Shannon Curtis (review to come soon)

24. The Rules of Conception – Angela Lawrence (REVIEWED)

25. Half Moon Bay – Helene Young (review to come soon)

26. Black Diamonds – Eliza Redgold (review to come soon)

27. Heartland – Cathryn Hein (review to come soon)

28. Saving Wishes – G.J. Walker-Smith (review to come soon)

29. Over The Edge – Suzanne Carroll (REVIEWED)

30. The Reluctant Wag – Mary Costello (review to come soon)

31. On The Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta (review to come soon)

32. Between The Lives – Jessica Shrivington (review to come soon)

33. His Brand of Beautiful – Lily Malone (review to come soon)


I’m Currently reading 34. Wild Lavender – Belinda Alexander and 35. Flame Tress Hill – Mandy Magro; both of which I have almost finished and will review soon.


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