National Bookshop Day 2013!

This Saturday (August 10th) is National Bookshop Day in Australia and I urge every single one of you readers out there to take up  the initiative if you are free to go and visit your local bookshop. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Independent or chain based bookstore, just feel free to pop your head in and enjoy the atmosphere and support the people who help bring the books to you 🙂

Come on you know you want too 🙂 If I was in the country, I would be for sure.

All my life, I’ve heard my Father talk about how we source out local jobs overseas and how we need to support our local talent and people in order to keep jobs available in this country. For years I was one of those kids who listened but silently went ‘yeah, yeah, whatever’; I’m not one of them now. The book industry in Aus needs help to stay strong and alive and every reader out there has an opportunity to help to do this. I’m not saying that you should go out and buy a bunch of books just because it’s National Bookshop Day, rather take the chance to meet some like minded people, have a chat and get some recommendations. Even if you can’t get to a shop, hit up your local library and just embrace the written word. To help celebrate and promote the day most bookshops have arranged a whole pile of different events and in some cases, goodies, for the readers (and non-readers) who happen to walk through their doors that day, so don’t be shy and just drop in. You never know you may just find a new favourite author 🙂

If you can’t get to a bookshop or you can’t afford to buy books outright (and let’s face it, they can be quite expensive sometimes) maybe take the time to consider reading an Aussie Author next time your ready to pick up your next book. I know the allure of the George R.R. Martin’s, Lee Child, James Patterson and J.K.Rowling’s is strong, but we’ve got some fantastic talent right here in own backyards and sometimes they are even better then those well known American and British named authors 🙂

Interestingly enough, after I wrote out this post I found a youtube video featuring William McInness basically promoting the same thing ‘EAT SLEEP READ LOCAL’. A clip to the rather entertaining video can be found here.

Sorry if it sounds as though I’m pretching to you, but the subject is just one that I am passionate about, but that’s enough from me for now 🙂


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