Bookish News: Free Ebook

Are you looking for something quick but entertaining to read? Or more importantly do you like free stuff?

If you answered yes to either of these, you should head on over to Amazon, where Australian Author Bronwyn Parry has her novella ( I said it would be short!) Dear Ruth for free!

Dear Ruth is perfect for any of Parry’s fans as it focuses on the character’s in her previous Dungirri. books and is meant to tie you over until the release of her new release Darkening Skies (due for release early next week!).  That said, I don’t feel you need to have read them to enjoy this short but sweet tale, as the characters speak for themselves.

A touching short story of love (1500 words) from bestselling author Bronwyn Parry that spans the decades and is set in the small outback town of Dungirri.

Included are previews of Bronwyn’s four full-length novels, As Darkness Falls, Dark Country, Dead Heat and her new book Darkening Skies.

To grab your very own copy of this novella head on over to or google play and grap your very own free copy.

Who doesn’t like freebies, especially when they come in the form of a book?


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