I’m Back :)

Wow, its almost been an entire month (minus one day) since I last updated here and I feel horrible about it, but it couldn’t have been helped at the time. You see, since the beginning of July I have been touring all through the UK and Europe and I have only just arrived home. My intention was initially to keep updating with posts while over there, but life, as it usually does, got in the way and I found myself waking up early and going to bed late and thus too tired to think let alone write consistently.

So I’m sorry about my absence, but I’m back now and more then ready to overload the blog with everything that I have missed. Not only do I have a tonne of reviews to post, more to finish and others to start, but I also have a wide selection of author events to update you on that I have been slow to post (I’ve been bad I know!).  As well as the usual swag of bookish posts, I’ve been thinking of maybe starting a weekly post about my travels. Random things I learnt overseas, people I met and places I was lucky enough to explore. These posts would be in addition to everything else and would probably focus on one country per post. We will see how things go though.

Either way I’m back for good and I apologise once again for the long absence.

Jumping for joy (on an ACTIVE VOLCANO in Santorini, Greece)



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