It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


Officially back in the country for two weeks now, and last week I had one hell of a week trying to acclimatise myself back into the working world. It was interesting to say the least, and I was so hanging out for the weekend by like last Tuesday! This week I have a heavy workload with a HUGE book brochure to put out and other book-related work stuff to do that I’m not sure that I’ll get that much time to read. But I’m going to try as normal. With any luck I’ll finish the five or so half finished reviews I have sitting there waiting patiently for my attention.

What I Read Last Week:

What I’m Currently Reading:


Sadly I didn’t touch this book (Of Triton) last week, so I’m still reading it!


On the Blog last week:

REVIEW: Between the Lives by Jessica Shrivington

REVIEW: Taming the Tycoon by Amy Andrews

What Type Of Reader Are You?

Tuesday Teaser: Darkening Skies by Bronwyn Parry


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