Sydney Author Event 2014 needs your support!

Okay so I’ve harped on many a times on here about how much I love Australian authors and how I believe that we have some fantastic talent right here on own shores. As a lover of books, and the local talent, I cannot help but back this project at the moment and I will continue to do so via facebook and twitter for the next couple of weeks.

A group of people are trying to organise, what I can only imagine will be a huge author event for sometime next year in Sydney. At this point they are gaining a sense of interest from people to see if its worthwhile organising. Currently all they ask is for people to like their facebook page to show support for the idea. If you’d like as well you can suggest authors that you’d like to meet at the event if they can gain support.

So if you live in Sydney or close by and you have facebook, I urge you to simply like the page for the time being. You don’t have to do anything else, and its not asking for your attendance definitely next year.  Having attended my first ever book conference in March this year, and having attended over a hundred or so author events throughout my life, I can’t help but think of how much fun this event would be for anyone who likes to read.


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