REVIEW: Dear Ruth by Bronwyn Parry

Publication: August 27 2013

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Pages: 70 pages (roughly 1500 words)

Format: Ebook

A touching short story of love (1500 words) from bestselling author Bronwyn Parry that spans the decades and is set in the small outback town of Dungirri.

Included are previews of Bronwyn’s four full-length novels, As Darkness Falls, Dark Country, Dead Heat and her new book Darkening Skies.

A lovely little short story that hits all the right places.

Dear Ruth is a short story set within Bronwyn Parry’s Dungirri series: As Darkness Falls, Dark Country and the upcoming Darkening Skies.

Patrick O’Connell returns to his home town one night to find the town engrossed in a dance being held at the school hall. It is here that he meets the school’s newest member of staff, Ruth. The pair share an innocent dance and you see them fall in love slowly but surely. It’s a beautiful heart breaking little story that is sure to leave you wanting more.

The perfect little filler as we wait for Brownyn Parry’s new release, Darkening Skies, which is to be the third book in the loosely based series.

Dear Ruth is available to download for free via For more information about Bronwyn Parry’s book visit her website, Goodreads page and her publisher’s website.


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