Nobel Prize in Literature Awarded to Alice Munro for 2013

The book world is abuzz at the moment with the announcement that the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Alice Munro! Alice Munro is only the thirteenth woman to have been awarded the prize since the award was created. Congratulations to Alice Munro on this fantastic achievement, and to her publisher Random House, who must be over the moon with this announcement!

A couple of years back when I was doing my Honours Project I was told to read some of Alice Munro’s short stories and fell in love with her writing style and subjects.  Alice Munro is a Canadian author who primarily wrote short stories set in small Canadian towns with a specific focus on ideas of love and loss. Her writing is flawless, and emotionally powerful, and I urge you if you haven’t had the chance to read any of her work yet, then try and track down a copy of one of her books. I guarantee you’ll love it.

EDIT: Random House Australia are currently offering a free sample of Alice Munro’s ‘Dear Life’ at the moment. To read the sample simply head on over to the Random House Blog.

Have you read any of Alice Munro’s work? If so, what has been your favourite so far?



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