A Bookish Christmas

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s coming out in the next couple of months you’d know that this year is going to be a huge Christmas for the book industry and booksellers. With so many big names (Matthew Reilly, Tim Winton, Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Di Morissey, Mitch Albom, Judy Nunn, Terry Prachett etc.. the list is never ending!) bringing out new books in time for Christmas its going to be hard for retailers and readers alike to pick and choose what they want to read RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

This gigantic list of big books and big names is somewhat unprecedented in the industry, or at least unheard of in the last couple of years. Take last year for example, although there were a number of new releases brought out in time for Christmas, the pickings were small and there wasn’t much in terms of variety. This year is going to be a whole another ball game though. One I’m eagerly waiting to play with.

As many of you would already gather, I personally have no restraint when it comes to buying books (one only has to look at my weekly ‘Sunday Shelve it!’ post to see that), but I wonder how other people who browse books for Christmas presents and the like are going to handle such a big Christmas release? With so much to choose from, the market is going to be a hell of lot more competitive with sales and each title is going to have to fight on its on merit to be purchased.  Which brings me to my question, are you more likely to buy the books by authors you already know and love who happen to be releasing a book between October and December this year, or are you going to hold off and try something new by a new voice? Will you limit yourself to just one book or like me will you be buying up a storm unable to decide between the fantastic options on show?



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