REVIEW: Secret Santa by Rhian Cahill

Published: December 1st 2013

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Pages: 39

Format : Ebook (Purchased)

4/5 Stars



From bestselling author Rhian Cahill. Sometimes Santa doesn’t give you what you want — he gives you what you need.

The last thing Jenn wants this Christmas to be is merry. Hibernating in her apartment is the perfect plan for someone who has lost way more than just her Christmas cheer. She’ll re-emerge on December 26th and move on with her life.

Morgan has had just about enough of dancing around the sexual chemistry between himself and his manager, Jenn. If he has his way, she won’t spend this Christmas — or any other — alone. With the help of a bogus set of secret Santa envelopes, he’s going to deliver a Christmas present to the woman he loves, one she’ll never forget!


Secret Santa is a short Christmas themed novella from best selling romance author Rhian Cahill.

Christmas is about family and friends, so after the loss of her parents in a tragic car accident this year, Jenn would rather not celebrate Christmas at all this. She doesn’t want the reminder nor the pain that the holiday season is sure to bring, in fact if she could she’d probably try and work right through it. Alas that is not an option, so instead she’d be quite happy to ignore the whole thing and hide out in her apartment until it’s safe to come out again.

Jenn’s boss Morgan has other ideas however. He is in love with Jenn and can’t bare to see her upset and alone for the holiday season. After Jenn knocks him back on spending Christmas with him and his family, he is forced to rig the Secret Santa ballot.

Secret Santa is a really sweet novella that will leave you smiling and looking forward to the Christmas season. It’s cute and quirky, and as you read it you really just hope that everything will work out for Jenn and Morgan.

I really loved the characterisation of Jenn and Morgan and the way their relationship progressed in such a short space of time. I only wish we got to spend a bit more time with them.

Rhian Cahill’s writing was delightful and exactly the kind of thing you’d want to read to get you in the Christmas Spirit. Definitely and author I’ll be looking out for in the future.

How adorable is that cover!

For more information on Rhian Cahill visit her website, Escape Publishing website, Goodreads or Facebook

Read as part of my Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2013



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