REVIEW: The Christmas Gift by Monica McInerney

Published: November 29 2013 

Publisher: Penguin Australia

Pages: 32 pages

Format: Ebook (Free on iBooks)

3/5 stars

In Australia, Rosie is preparing for a family Christmas like no other. Across the world in Dublin, another family’s holiday plans are about to go in an unexpected direction.

Filled with Monica McInerney’s trademark warmth, heart and humour, these two beautiful new short stories will delight readers this Christmas.


The Christmas Gift consist of two short stories by Best Selling Australian Author Monica McInerney: The Christmas List; The Holiday.

The Christmas List

The Christmas List is a short story that puts the meaning of Christmas and Family into perspective. It’s the story of how a young couple, Rosie and Dan, fall in love and get married. It’s about Dan’s family’s Christmas traditions and how at first Rosie is both pertified and perplexed by them. It’s about how time passes and the pair have a child, Amy, who on the year they are meant to host Christmas falls very ill. It’s a story about family strength, about love, and about the little things that help us get through hard times.

The story itself was really sweet, and I’m glad it ended the way it did. I would have liked to have seen the story a bit more elaborated on however as I thought the narrative leant itself to a longer length. Overall I was pleased to have read this little story that is designed to stop and mark you think about your only family at Christmas, while also warming your heart.

The Holiday Gift:

The Holiday Gift is set in Dublin and deals with a family who are struggling economically. The family had been all set to go on a bit holiday but when job cuts are made and the family falls on hard times things don’t go as they had planned. It’s about family intervention and help and the way we can help others through hard times. How a little bit of effort can make someone smile and the price we are willing to pay for our families.

I absolutely loved the ending of this short story. It was a feel good family story that left me with tears in my eyes.


Overall I highly recommend these two very short stories. Although they probably aren’t my favourite Christmas reads, they do hold messages about your family and this rather chaotic time of year. It was a pleasure to read both stories, and I recommend you track them down yourself when you get the chance. You could read them in about ten minutes without any issues.




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