Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2014

Last year I successfully completed the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge where I read a whooping Fifty-Nine (59) books by Australian Women Authors, and reviewed Thirty-One (31). This year I am once again signing up as a Franklin with the hope of reading just as many books as last year if not more! In fact, I’m adding a bit more to this challenge for me personally this year, where I am hereby challenging myself to REVIEW more books than what I did last year. I’m hoping to review at least Fifty (50) books this year as part of this challenge.

The Australian Women’s Writers (AWW) challenge runs from January 1 2014 until December 31 2014 and requires its participants to choose a level that they are comfortable at to read and review if possible as many Australian female authors as they can. The three distinct levels are:

 Stella – read at least four (4) novels and review three (3)

 Miles – read at least six (6) novels and review four (4)

 Franklin – read at least ten (10) novels and review six (6).

This year, the challenge also has an option where you can sign up just to be a reader. So if you were thinking about possibly taking part in this challenge, but weren’t too sure about the reviewing component, you can rest easy and sign up to read only. If you are interested in taking part, or want to know a bit more about the challenge, visit the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge blog for more details.

Some of the books I’m hoping to get through as part of this challenge include:

What Happens In Ireland – Whitney K. E

Don’t Fence Me In: Grassroots Wisdom From A Country Gal – Rachael Treasure

Right as Rain – Tricia Stringer

In Safe Arms – Lee Christine

Poppy’s Dilemma – Karly Lane

Red Queen – Honey Brown

The Good Daughter – Honey Brown

Jilted – Rachael Johns

The Best Man – Dianne Blacklock

Froi Of The Exiles – Melina Marchetta

January Wish – Juliet Madison

Guarding Jess – Shannon Curtis

The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

The Russian Tapestry – Banafsheh Serov

Just to name a few 😉

Are you participating in the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2014? Or do you have some suggestion of any books by Australian female authors that I simply have to read? I’d love to hear from you  🙂


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