REVIEW: Dr. No Commitment by Virginia Taylor

Published: December 2, 2013

Publisher: Random Romance, Digital Imprint or Random House

Pages: 161 pages

Format: Ebook courtesy of Random House and Netgalley

RRP: $1.79 on Amazon, $2.99 on iBooks

3/5 Stars

A mischievous romantic comedy, about a man who’s always run from love and the girl who just might catch him.Ally was warned about Rohan Sinclair when she first moved to town – and she is determined she won’t let this gorgeous, model-dating doctor distract her from being the best nurse she can be. Problem is, this bad boy just happens to live in the room next door . . .It’s hard enough to resist his persistent charm at home; almost impossible when they are thrown together at work . . . But a little innocent flirting never hurt anyone, right?Wrong. Ally knows it’s a terrible idea to fall for a man who will never commit, but what if in every other way he’s her perfect guy?

I really loved the premise of this novella and I was saddened not to be able to rate it higher than three stars because it had so much promise. Sadly for me, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, and I admit that may be my fault for setting them too high.

While it’s true I had issues connecting with this novel (as explained below), I do want to take the time here to commend Virginia Taylor on her narrative. Minus the pacing error, the writing was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed her use of imagery, and the way in which she told the story. I enjoyed reading this narrative and will keep my eyes out for any of her work in the future, because I do believe she shows a lot of promise as an author. Especially considering she took on such a huge genre here – the medicine industry is massive in romance at the moment – and while there were Grey Anatomy’s moments, the narrative itself felt original despite these similarities (i.e. two doctors, one hospital and a famous past and status of one).

A lot of people struggle with creating sensible, but believable dialogue in their writing, and I had to give Virginia Taylor a massive high five here, for she not only excelled at a very difficult component of the writing, but she knocked my expectations out of the ballpark here. Rohan and Ally are a lot of fun as characters, and its evident through her writing that Virginia had fun writing them, but what’s admirable even more, is they have this undeniable chemistry and battle through words. Their dialogue is witty, and it made you want to read faster to know what will  come out their mouths next as both characters seek to challenge the other further, to push them just that little bit further out of their comfort zone. I loved it. Hands down the best dialogue I’ve read in a book this year.

My biggest issue with this narrative was that it felt rushed. I liked the characters and their situation, I loved their witty banter, but ultimately I felt confused by their actions. One minute they are all hot for each other, the next stone cold. They say one thing, but do the exact opposite. What’s more I felt I couldn’t connect properly with them as their romance was pushed too quickly. I know it sounds stupid, especially when you consider that this being a romance novella and all, and thus by its format’s definition it is short, but I just wanted a bit more. And I feel that with this story, Virginia could have probably stretched it out a bit more. Elaborated a bit more on some of the pair’s nuances, and developed their relationship a bit further (both personally and professionally) before the ending came soaring around the corner. It felt like mere weeks had passed, not months and then all of a sudden there was the big reveal at the end (which I refuse to spoil for you) that I just wasn’t fully convinced with it nor by it. For one, I mean the pair rocked up to celebrate a friends success and then they do what they do? It just didn’t fit. It felt rushed and tied too tightly without many of the issues resolved. And personally I just wanted more time to get to know them, for them to get to know each other and explore their relationship, because at the end of the day I had the same fears as they did, but I also wanted the ending they got as well for them. And I just don’t know what to do with that mix yet.
As a whole, I do recommend Dr. No Commitment to romance readers, as Virginia does offer up a great story to the medical romance genre. In particular fans of Grey’s Anatomy will love this novella, as it shares a lot of the same characteristics as the show and will thus ensure the books popularity. As for everyone else, read it to witness the dialogue, it’s a lot of fun, and this narrative is short and sweet. You will be rewarded for your efforts. For more information on Virginia Taylor visit her goodreads entry and Random House’s website. To purchase a copy of this book head on over to the following sites: Amazon, , Google Play, iBooks.



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