Let’s Talk Books With Rhian Cahill, Author of Catch ‘n’ Kiss

Rhian Cahill is the author of 22 titles, and one of the many authors attending this months’ Indie Authors Down Under Event on the Gold Coast. What’s more, Rhian’s new release, Catch ‘n’ Kiss is due for release tomorrow!


What are you currently reading?

Just finished Jill Shalvis’ latest – Once In a Lifetime.

What’s the last book you brought?

I pre-ordered Play by Kylie Scott and Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts.

Do you prefer to read books in print or electronically?

Either but I read more electronically these days. It’s easier to buy them without leaving the house. 🙂

If I was to walk into your house right now, what would your bookshelves look like? Do you have an organisation system (genre, colour, author…) or are you just happy to go with the flow?

It’s a mix really. Some are grouped by order, others are grouped by genre. The most important thing is it’s a whole wall of books. 🙂

Rhian has graciously supplies two photos of her bookcases! I am so jealous of this first one. I wish I had that many neatly organised! The second photo is a line of signed books that sit above Rhian’s desk.


How often do you read?

Every day. Whenever I can. Of course reading time has to fit around real life and writing so every minute I get I take advantage of.

What characteristics/traits would make up your dream book?

It’s hard to nail that down because I love a variety of different books for different reasons so I’m going to have to go with a very ‘general’ my dream book is one that makes me forget time, forget to eat, forget I have a life outside those pages. 🙂

How do you choose what to read next?

Lord, I have so many books on the TBR pile that it’s often a case of close my eyes and point a finger. lol Although if a new book comes out by one of my auto-buy authors then that hits the top of the list.

So you’ve started a book and discover it’s not for you. Are you more likely to discard it or finish it?

I flip back and forth on this one. If it’s really not to my liking I’ll close it and probably never open it again. If it’s just not doing it for me I’ll keep reading until I either really can’t take another word or finish. Then there’s the ones I close and come back to at a later date. Sometimes I finish them, sometimes not.

If you could read any book again, for the first time, what book would you choose?

Oh, tough question. I’m not sure I can name one and I’d name an author except the ones I’d name give me that ‘first time’ feeling whenever I open their newest book. I guess I’d have to say I’d like to have my ‘first time’ again with Nora Roberts or Jill Shalvis or Olivia Cunning.

What is it about books that makes you want to read? What is your favourite part about reading?

I get to be so many different things, do so many different things, go so many different places, and most importantly I get to leave the real world behind for a few hours. There’s nothing better than shutting out the world and losing yourself between the pages of a book.


To find out more about Rhian Cahill visit her website, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter accounts. 

Available for pre-order from:

Amazon US, Amazon AU, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes




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