Thank You To The Followers Give-Away – Part 1

So not that long ago my Facebook page likes jumped an incredible amount in a very short space of time. In a frenzy of activity I didn’t have time to organise a 100 likes, or a 150 likes, give-away as planned, as the numbers kept rising higher and higher. I announced a couple of weeks ago that I was going to do a give-away for each of these milestones, as I am truly thankful to each and everyone of you who interacts with me over social media (this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc) and for everyone who reads the blog. After a lot of planning and sourcing about, I’ve FINALLY got that giveaway planned…. well it’s not so much as one give-away, but a couple over the space of the week.

So this week make sure you check back a couple of times, as I have three or so distinct giveaways to be announced. Given the variety of genres I like to read, and thus the reviews I write, and the followers I have, I’ve tried to make sure there is something for everyone up for grabs. Most of the books are ebooks, and thus open internationally, a few are signed print copies, however due to the cost of postage, these books will be limited to Australian residents (Sorry!). All in all the giveaways will run for the remainder of the month with each one open for roughly two weeks. So I hope you find something you like, and best of luck with the give-away 🙂

Today I’m giving away a ROMANCE book pack consisting of the following books (click on the covers to learn more about each book) :


After many failed attempts at getting rafflecopter to work, I’m running this giveaway the old fashion way, by commenting and posting. That said you can still earn multiple entries (up to 10) into the giveway by doing one or more of the following (and letting me know in the comments below):

+2. Leave a comment on this post.

+2. Follow the Never Ending Bookshelf either by email or wordpress’ +FOLLOW button

+2. Follow the Never Ending Bookshelf on facebook. (Leave me a note to let me know you’ve done this).

+2. Follow the Never Ending Bookshelf on Twitter.

+2. Tweet about this giveaway. Or share it via facebook (make sure to let me know that you’ve done this.)

This pack is open internationally and will close at Midnight on the 31st March 2014. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on April 7th 2014.


3 thoughts on “Thank You To The Followers Give-Away – Part 1

  1. Gloria Bale says:

    Would love to receive these…….maybe with some luck of the Irish. (following Never Ending Bookshelf on FB)

    • Jess says:

      Thanks Gloria.
      I had to include What Happens In Ireland with it being St.Paddy’s day and all 🙂
      I’ve added you into the draw. Good luck 🙂

  2. writenote1 says:

    Congrats on the milestone, Jess. I’ve been reading an e-copy of What Happens in Ireland and I’m enjoying it. I’ll keep an eye out on your other giveaways too 🙂

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