Sunday Shelve it: Indie Authors Down Under Special Edition

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As many of you are aware, the first ever Australian Indie Authors Down Under Event was held on the Gold Coast yesterday. In the lead up to the event I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of authors agree to take part in “Let’s Talk Books” and so come yesterday morning I was so excited to get to meet this wonderful, talented and inspiring people in the flesh (as opposed to online). It was a mammoth day filled with laughter, smiles and books and author swag galore – and like any book addict, I brought so many new books that it was difficult to fit them in my suitcase and carry on luggage for the trip home.

Having been such a HUGE book week for me, I’ve decided to do a special edition of Shelve it that is solely based on what I picked up or found at the Indie Authors Down Event (IADU). Brace yourself, because I brought a lot (thankfully many were pre-ordered, so I didn’t spend THAT much in one day!). Click on the book covers to learn more about the book via Goodreads.

First I want to add that on Thursday last week, I received a print review copy of Jessica Shirvington’s new release (due for release this coming week) Disruption. I was super excited to open the package from Harper Collins Australia as not only do I LOVE Jessica’s writing, but I just so happened to meet Jessica at IADU and was able to get it signed!


Purchased (Print) Signed



Freebies In Ticket Gift Bags (in Print) Not signed


Keep an eye out in the coming weeks, because on top of these titles, I have signed books to give away, a truck load of author swag (including signed bookmarks, postcards, badges and much more). Throughout the rest of the week I’ll also be posting about the event and running flash giveaways both on here and facebook.

Right now though, I’m completely and utterly exhausted and can hear my bed calling my name….




3 thoughts on “Sunday Shelve it: Indie Authors Down Under Special Edition

    • Jess says:

      It was lovely to meet you too Kate. I had a great time on the weekend, I suspect that was partly because I had someone to talk to and walk around with. Sorry If it felt like I was dragging you around everywhere. I wanted to meet everyone! Disruption is fantastic. Having finished it prior to its release date is a pain though. Especially since there will be a sequel and now I have to wait. I don’t want to wait, I just want more! I’m such an impatient reader.

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