Sunday ‘Shelve It’!

Brought to you (and me) by Magan & Estelle @  Rather Be Reading

Oh Man! I knew last month was going to be an expensive one when I saw just how many new releases were coming out, even more so because A LOT of my favourite authors had new books being released at the same time! Combine that with The Indie Authors Down Under Event and it seems I spent more money on books then food. Then April comes barging in and things haven’t changed, nor have they showed any sign of slowing down.

Last weekend I attended the Newcastle Writer’s Festival where I told myself I wouldn’t buy a book, that after my big book month last month, “I’d be a good girl and purchase nothing” at the festival. Three trips back to Macleans Booksellers on Saturday and another one or two on Sunday, and I obliterated that promise. But I’m happy with my purchases and can’t wait to share the books with you all. I’ll also be putting up a series of posts this week about the festival and the Indie Event. I meant to do it sooner, but with a HUGE book catalogue at work, I needed sleep more than I needed to blog…. sad but true.

NOTE: For the purpose of not making this edition novel length, I’ve decided not to include the books I purchased in print and ebooks in this edition that weren’t related to authors festivals. I’ll include them in the next one.


Books Purchased and Signed At The Newcastle Writer’s Festival

Purchased at Newcastle Writers Festival (Unsigned)


Received (in Print) from the Publisher or Author

Received (ebook) from the Publisher or Author


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