Children’s Book Readings & Kids Easter Book Reviews

When I’m not reading, blogging or dancing, you can usually find me at work in the book department of a relative big department chain store. On a normal day you’d find me filling the shelves, tidying the section and answering an array of book questions ranging from “I want a new book, what’s good?” to ” I don’t know the author’s name or the title of the book but the cover is blue, do you know the one I’m talking about?” and I try to help everyone the best I can by knowing something about almost all the books we stock. However if you were to venture into the store on a Saturday morning however, you’d find me sitting on the floor reading to the children as part of a new initiative where I conduct “Children’s Book Readings” every Saturday morning at 11am.

As a new initiative last Saturday (April 12th) I was terrified by the prospect of what might happen and whether there would be in fact any children willing to sit there while I read to them. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry as there were somewhere between ten and fifteen children present as I read two Easter books to them; “If I Were The Easter Bunny” and “The Easter Bunny’s Helper”. Below is two mini reviews of the books I read that weekend:


If I Were The Easter BunnyΒ  Illustrated by Louise Gardner.

Published by Harper Collins CHildren’s on 1st March 2009

Hop into Easter with this sweet, seasonal picture book! Ages 2-5 A little rabbit dreams of being the Easter Bunny; hiding lots and lots of Easter eggs all over the meadow, having tea parties, making Easter bonnets and leading the way in the Easter Parade. It’s certainly a busy job, but full of chocolate fun!

I read books to little kids on Saturday mornings now as part of my job and this was one of the first books I read to them this past weekend. As far as Kids picture books go, it’s really cute with adorable illustrations and an enjoyable story for both adults and kids alike. The bright illustrations and the simplicity of the story means that kids of all ages are able to enjoy the book and it proved to be a big hit.

It was a great book to read aloud too because it involved the kids in the story.Β 

To purchase a copy of this book head on over to Booktopia, Boomerang Books,Β  Bookworld.

The Easter Bunny’s Helper by Anne Mangan and Illustrated by Tasmin Ainslie.

Published by Harper Collins Australia on 1st March 2013

The Easter Bunny needs help delivering the Easter eggs this year and who better to help him than some Australian animals?

The Easter Bunny’s Helper is a sweet Australian tale about how the Easter Bunny asked for help one year and was surprised that everyone including Koala, Emu, Kangaroo and Cockatoo wanted to help him out. It’s told simply with beautiful illustrations that are eye-catching and a delight to behold. The kids were particularly fascinated with this one as it featured Australian animals and was all in all a bit special because of that. While not as bright and eye-catching as say ‘If I were The Easter Bunny’, it’s still a remarkable hard back Easter story that is sure to be a hit with the kids – it definitely was with the kids I read it to on Saturday. An adult is probably going to be required to read this book, or at least be on standby, as it uses some older and strange phrases for kids such as “Ochre, Ash and Clay” when describing what the Kangaroo used to decorate his Eggs.

To purchase a copy of this book head on over to the following retailers: Harper Collins Australia, Booktopia, Boomarang Books and Bookworld.





7 thoughts on “Children’s Book Readings & Kids Easter Book Reviews

  1. Lee Christine says:

    Oh Jess, how gorgeous! Just like Meg Ryan in You’ve got Mail at the Shoppe Around the Corner. Love that Australian book cover with the emu etc. If I’m at the department store, I’ll drop by and listen to you reading.

    • Jess says:

      Naw Thanks Lee. Even though I’m reading to kids and in a busy shopping centre I get quite nervous reading when I first start – I’ve never been one for public speaking. But last week I got on a roll, because after all the kids don’t care as long as the books being read to them.

      The Easter Bunny’s Helper is a beautiful book with such stunning Illustrations. They did a really job with that one and although the story might need to be read to a younger child, its something of a treasure book because of how unique it is. Customers are always asking for hard cover books with Australian Animals in it to send overseas, so it’s the perfect kind of book for that sort of thing as well – might be why it sells extremely well as well πŸ™‚

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