Children Book Reading Week Two: Easter Saturday & More Easter Books

If you saw my post on Friday, you’d be aware that I now part take in a weekly Children’s Book Reading Initiative on Saturday Mornings at my place of employment. This usually entails me entertaining the kids with two books readings followed by a couple of freebies – stickers, balloons, stamps- given out. Last week I had my first reading which you can read about here where I read two Easter themed books to the kids who turned up.

Today I read two more Easter Books to the children while dressed as an Easter Bunny just for fun and it was a pretty spectacular day. For anyone whose worked in retail before, you know there’s a couple of days a year that you simply DON’T want to be rostered on for. Easter Saturday is one of said days. In a frenzy of panic and god knows what else, people flock to the shops each Easter Thursday and Easter Saturday and the day is generally a snowball of stress for the limited staff lucky enough to be rostered on.  In an attempt to make the day more fun, and because my Store Manager knows me so well, I was asked to dress up today and do my reading as per usual and give the kids chocolate all day. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me – and as the staff ate just as much chocolate as the children and adults shopping in-store did, it tasted pretty great as well. So today I was dressed in a white onsie with rabbit ears and drawn on whiskers and I read my two books to the kids. Much like last week I freaked out that there weren’t going to be any kids for the reading (somehow they all seem to disappear a couple of minutes prior to the reading and there’s never any kids around!) but I got another great turn out this weekend. The kids listened to me read, and actively participated in the story as well- they were well rewarded for their efforts with chocolate eggs, balloons, stamps and lollipops. I’m actually not sure who had more fun, the kids or myself and my helper who was also dressed up.


The two Easter picture books I read today were “There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Bunny” and “My Easter Egg Hunt” by Rosie Smith and below are my mini reviews as based on the reading and the kids reaction.

The Was An Old Block Who Swallowed A Bunny! by P. Crumble (Author) and Louis Shea (Illustrator)

Published by: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st February 2013

Pages: 24

RRP: $13.99

There was an old bloke who swallowed a bunny. I don’t know why he swallowed that bunny…
Crickey, that’s funny!

The Old Bloke is loose on the farm, and all the animals are on the menu! Can they catch sight of the master of disguise in time to avoid being his lunch? Surely he’ll explode!


There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Bunny is a hilarious, vibrant, and engaging picture book that is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages (and adults too!). It’s told through rhyme and repetition, it’s beautifully illustrated and just that little bit crazy, that you can’t help but laugh out loud and love the book!

The opening lines of the picture book immediately grab the attention of the reader and hold them tight for the duration of the read, as the narrative proclaims “There was an old bloke who swallowed a bunny…. I don’t know why he swallowed that bunny… Crikey, that’s funny!” the reader is immediately taken with the narrator who appears to be just as confused and entertained by the story as those reading along at home! I found the kids really appreciated this aspect, and were thoroughly entranced by it as they giggled to themselves over the “Pig dancing a Jigg” and the Duck whose feet got Stuck! Not to mention the over the top illustrations of the farmer dressed as Little Bo Peep and disguised as a rabbit hill to swallow the bunny in the first place. Which brings me to my next point regarding the illustrations. There is no white space in the book, with each page creatively filled with vibrant bright colours and an array of pictures daring the reader to look closer and find more ‘hidden’ in plain sight. In fact there’s is so much going on in the illustrations of this book, that it would be easy to sit with a child for fifteen or so minutes as you search through the images and words and try and find and discuss everything about it.

All in all this was a delightful little book that I’m sure would make a great addition to any child’s library at home. It’s easy to read, but entertaining enough that I wouldn’t mind reading it over and over again each night. What’s more this title is just one part of a companion of similar stories by the same author and illustrator, and judging by how much fun this book was to read today, I can’t wait to read “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Meerkat” and “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Mozzie.”

To purchase There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Bunny visit any of the following sites: Booktopia; Bookworld; ABC Online.

Other titles released include:”There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Thong”; “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Merrkat”; “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Mozzie”; “There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Chook”; “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Star”.



My Easter Egg Hunt by Rosie Smith (Author) and Bruce Whatley (Illustrator).

Published by: Scholastic

Published: March 2013

RRP: $16.99

Hunting for eggs is fun… when you share with everyone. Beautifully illustrated with delightful animals, My Easter Egg Hunt captures the fun of looking for eggs at Easter time.

“My Easter Egg Hunt” By Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley is a simple and elegant picture book that is ideal for younger children. It’s language is basic ( “Look Up. Look Down. Look Around”) and is a great teaching tool for those leaning to read. The illustrations are classically beautiful and centred on the page allowing the reader not to get lost on the page. What’s also great about this little book is the way in which the kids interact with it as they continually search out the ‘hidden’ Easter Eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt.

I’d recommend this for younger children, as t some of the older kids during my reading found it a bit dull and boring as it didn’t engage their attention and reading levels. It is however a great Easter book that will make the perfect addition to any kids growing library,  its timeless and a book they can hold on to and treasure. Who knows they might just be reading the book to their kids one day.

To Purchase this book visit this following sites:

Booktopia; Bookworld; ABC Online.

I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Easter. If you happen to be travelling on the roads, please be careful! But most of all remember to eat as much chocolate as you dare, laugh as much as you can and just enjoy your time off work with your families 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!




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