May The 4th Be With You…

Today is  May the 4th, also known as International Star Wars Day and May The 4th Be With you. In honour of today, I thought I’d review two small Star Wars inspired books that I recently stumbled across.


Darth Vader And Son By Jeffrey Brown

Published: 18th April 2012

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Pages: 64

Format: Small Hardback

RRP: $19.95


Almost a four star rating. This book was actually hard to rate, as I’d never read anything like it in style or content before. Overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Jeffrey Brown’s work in the future.

Darth Vader And Son is a quirky and humours graphic novel of sorts based upon the concept of Darth Vader raising his son in every day situations. And it is just that; Darth Vader pouring Luke’s cereal, complaining about his kid not being ready for school on time etc.. but the everyday normality of it is what makes the images themselves so damn funny.  It’s a series of images of Luke Sky walker as small child and the mischief he could get up to. It was especially great to be able to pick up prompts and cues from the moves and place Father Vader and son in that scenario. Although a fan of the movies, I’m sure I missed a lot of the cameos and references the book made, but I loved the ones I picked up on.

I was a bit disappointed that Brown limited himself to just Luke’s younger years as I would have liked to see things explored beyond what was shown here. I did however love Brown’s illustrations. I’m going on on a limb and saying they were drawn and filled/coloured by pencil, which adds a beautiful essence and shading to the images.

This book and its companion Vader’s Little Princess are the perfect book for someone with a sense of humour or a Star Wars fanatic.

To purchase a copy of this book check out the following retailers:

Booktopia | Bookworld | Amazon | Book Depository | Dymocks | Wordery | The Nile | Fishpond |


Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown

Published: April 23 2013

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Pages: 64

Format: Small Hardback

RRP: $19.99

4/5 Stars


I enjoyed this edition of how to parenthood Darth Vader style more than the original (Darth Vader and Son) for many reasons, the first being that the I felt there was actually character development in this book as we see Princess Leia as a small child all the way up to adulthood – a progression I quite enjoyed. I also like that Brown included both kids (aka Luke and Leia) in this book, as we know they are twins and thus both should be there. Don’t worry though the book is still focused on Leia.

A lot of people have complained that this book is more stereotypical than the last in the series, but I disagree completely here. In fact out of the two I found the first one to be more stereotypical than this one. What we see in this book is a sole father struggling to raise his daughter. It’s just as humours as the first book and still as quirky as ever. One of my favourite ‘scences’ is where Princess Lei and her boyfriend and Darth Vader are sitting down to dinner and Leia tells her boyfriend to ”Behave yourself, or my Dad will totally kill you.”

A great book to add to any Star Wars Fanatic/fan’s bookshelves and for fathers with daughters, as I think they’d relate to a lot of the concepts presented in this one.

To purchase this book check out the following retailers:

Booktopia | BookworldAmazon | Book Depository | Dymocks | Wordery | The Nile | Fishpond |

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Due for Release: August 1 2014





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