REVIEW: Mother’s Day Inspired Books For Kids Under 5

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching (May 11 2014 – That’s this coming Sunday!) I though it was about time I did some suggestions for what to get Mum this Mother’s Day. This list is designed for families with small children, preferably aged 5 and under. I’ve reviewed the few books I’ve come across that fit this age group below. Included are links to purchase the books, but keep in mind shipping times – Big W, Target, Kmart and bookstores around Australia will have these books in stock at the moment, so make sure you check them out as well.

My Mum’s The Best by Rosie Smith (Author) & Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)

Published: 1st April 2011

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Pages: 24

Format: Hardback

RRP: $16.99

3/5 Stars

Beautifully illustrated with delightful animals, My Mum’s the Best captures the fun-loving bond between mother and child – from big, cosy bear hugs to bathing elephants. Whether big or small, feathered or furry, mums always know how to make us feel special!


My Mum’s The Best is a beautiful tribute to Mothers all around the world and an ideal for kids aged 5 and under. It’s super short and sweet and devoted to the relationship mothers share with their children.

Would make a great Mother’s Day Gift for A New Mum.


To purchase a copy of this book, visit the following retailers:

Booktopia | Bookworld | Amazon | iTunes | FishPond | ABC Online |


I Love My Mum by Anna Walker

Published: 1st April 2009 

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Pages: 24

Format: Paperback

RRP: $12.99

3/5 Stars

 Ollie loves Mum and Mum loves Ollie! A delightful story from the loveable character Ollie the zebra and his pet dog, Fred, in a gorgeous new paperback format. Ollie celebrates all the things that he loves doing with his mum, like going for walks, hiding in disguise, watching fish and playing with butterflies. But even after sharing such a fun-filled day with Mum, the best part is yet to come…bathtime and a special kiss good night!


I Love My Mum by Anna Walker is a short and sweet book about Ollie the Zebra, and his mother. Together the pair navigated normal everyday chores and activities (such as taking a bath and going for a walk) with wonder and excitement. This book is ideal for children under 5 years of age as the sentences are short, the language simple and the water-coloured illustrations eye-catching and ultimately the star of the book. There’s plenty of white space left around the simple images of Ollie and Mum, allowing for the child to superimpose their own world into the book. With its pretty pink cover, this book is aimed at girls, but I believe boys could appreciate it when the cover is ignored or overcome.

A great mother’s day gift idea that both Mum and Child can share.


To purchase a copy of this book, visit the following retailers:

Booktopia | Bookworld | Amazon FishPond | ABC Online |



Spot Loves His Mum By Eric Hill

Published: 3rd April 2006

Published: Penguin Books

Pages: 12

Format: Hardback Board Book

RRP: $9.99

Spot loves spending time with his mum, Sally. Each spread shows Sally and Spot having fun together in this brightly coloured board book. From playing hide-and-seek to eating Sally’s cakes, every day is a fun day with Spot and Sally!

A beautiful book about a dog named Spot and His love for his Mum. This book is perfect for kids under three years of age. With vibrant and bright illustrations Spot Loves His Mum is just the right length to capture and hold a toddler’s attention. It’s entertaining to both the child and adult and the perfect book to add to a child’s growing book collection (or to complete an Adult’s Spot Collection). Unlike most of the Spot collection, this book is geared more towards celebrating the love a Mother and Child has for one another and is simply that. The hard board pages means that toddlers who a teething or just like to chew on things won’t be able to tear out pages and the books pretty much indestructible.

This title would make a great Mother’s day Present to a new mum, or perhaps a Mum to be.


To purchase a copy of this book, visit the following retailers:

Booktopia | Bookworld | Amazon FishPond | ABC Online |







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