n (Author)REVIEW: My Mum Is A Superhero By Ruby Brown & Lesley Vamos (Illustrator)

published: 1st April 2014

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books (Imprint of Random House Australia)

Pages: 24

Format: Soft Paperback

RRP: $9.95

4/5 Stars

Her mind reading powers are beyond compare. She can make objects appear out of thin air. Her forcefield protects us wherever we go. No one compares to my amazing mum, the superhero.

My Mum Is A SuperHero is the ideal book for young children. Vibrant and bold, double page illustrations make up the emphasis of this showing ‘Mum’ going about her normal day to day activities  in a humours and enchanting way as seen by young children. The books focus presents mum in much the same way as a Marvel Super hero, as evident from the similar colours and the blue bubble on the cover exclaiming “MARVEL AT ALL OF MUM’S INCREDIBLE POWERS”. The language used is simple and straight to the point, while the illustrations are bold and engaging.

I found this book to be super cute and adorable, especially as it seeks to thank the mothers who are often forgotten for all their hard work keeping the kids fed, watered and on the go. It’s a beautiful book appreciating everything Mothers do for their kids around the world over, what’s more its a book that puts mum not only up their with the likes of Superman, Spider man, The Avengers etc, but it says that out of all of these ‘heroes’ mum comes out on top because off just how many super powers she has at her disposal (8 super powers are listed: superhuman flexibility; mind reading; ability to appear and disappear; ability to fly; super senses; master of disguise; healing powers; force field).

This is the perfect book to give Mum for Mother’s day or any day to show how much she is appreciated.

To purchase a copy of this book visit the following retailers:

Random House Australia | Angus & Robertson | Booktopia | Bookworld | Boffins | Myer |


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