Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 Update


So I haven’t update my progress on this for a while and thought it was about time I did. Below are the following books I’ve read so far that meet the requirements of this challenge (aka are written by Australian Women).

To date I have read 33 in total and reviewed 15 of them so far.


1. Don’t Fence Me In: Grassroots Wisdom From A Country Gal – Rachael Treasure

2. Dead Actually – Kaz Delaney

3. Almost Dead – Kaz Delaney

4. What Happens In Ireland – Whitney K.E (REVIEWED)

5. In Safe Arms – Lee Christine (REVIEWED)

6. Dr. No Commitment – Virginia Taylor (REVIEWED)

7. Dear Stranger – Elise K. Ackles (REVIEWED)

8. More Than This – Jay McLean (REVIEWED)

9. Lick – Kylie Scott

10. More Than Her – Jay McLean

11. More Than Him – Jay Mclean (REVIEWED)

12. Seven Sons – Lili St. Germain

13. Deceive Me In Ireland – Whitney K.E (REVIEWED)

14. Six Brothers – Lili St Germain

15. What Goes On Tour – Claire Boston

16. The Lost Girls – Wendy James (REVIEWED)

17. Hindsight – Sarah Belle

18. Disruption – Jessica Shirvington (REVIEWED)

19. Play – Kylie Scott

20. Claiming Her Mate – Jess Buffet

21. Sparks Fly With The Billionaire – Marion Lennox

22. The Easter Bunny’s Helper – Anna Mangan (author); Tasmin Ainslie (Illustrator) (REVIEWED)

23. Enslaved By The Ocean – Bella Jewel

24.  Bikers & Tinsel – Bella Jewel

25. Secret North – G.J. Walker-Smith

26. Gallipoli – Kerry Greenwood (REVIEWED)

27. A Day To Remember – Jackie French (REVIEWED)

28. I Love My Mum – Anna Walker (REVIEWED)

29. My Mum Is A Superhero – Ruby Brown (Author) & Lesley Vamos (Illustrator) (REVIEWED)

30. My Mum Says The Strangest Things – Katrina Gernain (Author) & Tom Jellett (Illustrator) (REVIWED)

31. Rocking Horse Hill – Cathryn Hein

32. Empty Nest – Fiona Palmer

33. Love On Location – Claire Baxter


Currently Reading:

Tapestry – Fiona McIntosh

Outback Blaze – Rachael Johns




4 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 Update

  1. Rochelle Sharpe says:

    Wow! You’ve read so many books already! I think I am up to about 8 or 9 books for my challenge, and have only read something like 20 books so far this year, so good for you 🙂

    • Jess says:

      It helps that a few of them I got to read at work I think (through the Children’s Reading), but even I’m surprised I’ve read that many so far already. Just got to finish my last lot of reviews now 🙂

  2. Kate @ Fictional Thoughts says:

    You’re well on the way to achieving your goal of reading and reviewing 50. I’m not going quite as well… mostly because I’m hopeless about updating my challenge. I actually bought a few AWW novels on your recommendation – I got More than This, and Lick. 🙂 Happy reading.

    • Jess says:

      oh wow. I hope you enjoy them Kate! You know how I got at Indie Authors Down Under, well you should have seen me at work when I unpacked the red print covers of LICK… I may have been fangirlin alone in my back dock at work. It was a sight to behold!
      More than this is dark and angst-y but great, but Lick is just a fab contemporary romantic read. I loved it.

      As for the challenge, I’m usually pretty bad at updating. I’m participating in a couple of challenges this year, but AWW is the one I keep track of most accurately and am usually on top of. Minus the reviews still waiting to be written and edited. Funnily enough since posting this I’ve read three more for this challenge. Best of luck with your own AWW challenge, the year is only young still and there’s plenty of time to get more in 🙂

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