REVIEW: Empty Nest By Fiona Palmer

Published: March 26, 2014

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Format: Ebook (Thanks to Netgallet & Penguin Books Australia)

Pages: 40 Pages

RRP: $1.99

4/5 Stars 

A moving story from bestselling rural romance author of The Outback Heart, Fiona Palmer.

Mothers’ Day has always been a special day for Sandi, because her beloved kids spoil her rotten. But this year won’t be the same. Her daughter, Gracie, has joined her brother Jack at boarding school and Sandi dreads waking up to a quiet house. Even her husband, Paul, seems distant and preoccupied with farm work. So she never could have guessed what the day has in store . . .

The Empty Nest includes an exclusive preview from Fiona Palmer’s forthcoming new novel, The Sunnyvale Girls!

The Empty Nest is a sweet and heartfelt tale about a mother’s love for her children and her loss when they aren’t around all the time anymore.

After having spent a happy Easter on the farm with the kids home from school, Sandi is feeling blue. She’s loved having the family back home and all together, with her son and daughter where they should be, especially Grace, her baby no-matter how old she may be now (12).

The Empty Nest is a story about Mother’s and how they cope when their kids eventually ‘fly the coop’. All though Sandi’s kids are only gone for the school term (living rural they need to attend a boarding school for high school), Sandi feels their loss keenly, and with no babies at home to look after, she finds herself lost. What should she do now that no body needs her attention 24/7? What will she do to keep herself occupied? Although she has more time for herself, she wishes the kids were home, and that her Husband could stay with her more instead of racing out each morning to slave away at his work, their livelihood. It’s not that she resents these aspects (school and work), it’s that she’s having trouble adjusting and misses how things used to be. With Mother’s Day fast approaching and no one at home to celebrate the day with, she feels the families absence more than ever.

I’m not a mother, so I’m not going to pretend to know what Mother’s feel and how they dread the day their kids leave home. But I know my mum and I’ve seen her react to her kids moving on with their lives, I’ve seen her deal with the stress and anxiety it brings her, and I’ve felt her miss each and everyone of us keenly and whole heartedly. It’s these feelings and the sense of family and togetherness, love and friendship that shine strong in this short story and mark Fiona Palmer as a truly great word-smith and author.

I highly recommend this narrative to everyone with older kids, who might be facing similar feelings and emotions and change in their lives. If for no other reason then to show them that they’re not alone.

To purchase a copy, head to any of the following retailers:

Penguin Books Australia | Booktopia | iBooks | Amazon | Angus & Robertson | Kobo | Big W Online |



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