It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

Hey, I’m back! I’ve been absent from the net for just over a week now as my internet modem sadly passed away. It took longer than expected to replace it, and then longer still to iron out the kinks in the new one (It randomly shuts down and is really really slow). But fingers crossed we’ve got it all worked out now and I’ll be back to posting regularly! With out the net I managed to get a fair bit read in a variety of genres which was a nice change, and although I was biting at the bit to be back online and writing up all sorts of posts I kind of ignored the computer as a whole. So I’m back with a massive load of posts to finish and up and a week behind schedule, but I’m confident I’ll catch up hopefully within the week!

In other news, I drew the winner of the signed copy of Disruption by Jessica Shirivington, weeks ago and despite contacting the winner multiple times to confirm there Australian address have heard nothing back. So keep your eyes peeled this afternoon as I draw the giveaway once more. Also keep an eye out on the blog’s facebook page where I’ll be running a bunch of short giveaways this week to apologise for my absence and to celebrate over 540 likes on facebook!

Due to last week being a no post week, I’ll be posting later on today last week’s edition of Let’s Talk Books. This Friday’s will go up as normal 🙂


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