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Recently I got up the courage to ask one of my favourite Australian Indie Authors if there was any chance if I could interview her for the blog. I don’t know why, but I honestly expected her to knock me back and say no, so you can imagine my surprise when half an hour later I had a message back from her agreeing to the interview. After dancing like a crazy woman for a little bit, I sat down and finished off my questions and came up with a plan of attack.So this week on the blog, I’m running things a bit differently. This week I want to introduce you to one of my favourite Australian Authors, GJ Walker Smith.

GJ Walker-Smith is an Australian born and bred Indie Author who writes contemporary young adult romance. Currently she has six books released (four full length novels and two novellas) as part of her Wishes Series.


I initially became aware of GJ Walker-Smith’s writing early last year when I signed up for my second ever blog tour which just so happened to coincide with the release of Saving Wishes (Book One in the Wishes Series). I read the book in two days and then spent weeks trying to form my thoughts and feelings into coherent phrases without gushing like a mad woman or running the risk of fan-girling and crumbling in a mess of no words. That’s how much I loved this book and this author’s writing. Since that first book, I’ve read all of GJ Wallker-Smith’s novel’s to date and am eagerly awaiting her next novel, Star Promise,  which is to be released in December of this year. In the meantime, her latest novella, Silver Dawn is set for release TOMORROW!

In order to celebrate this interview and the release of Silver Dawn tomorrow, I’ve decided to go back and re-read the series so that I could re-review all of her books in a week long introduction to the land of La La. Why am I re-reviewing the series do you ask? Because this was one of the first blog tour’s I took part in, it was also one of the first books I reviewed. Since then I’ve learnt to become a bit more coherent in expressing my thoughts and feelings and having looked back at my past reviews, these ones NEEDED redoing and what better time then now? I’ve taken down my previous reviews now in preparation for the new ones.

So throughout the rest of the week I will be re-reviewing all six books in the wishes series to date, and then on Friday I’ll be sharing my interview with GJ Walker-Smith rather than my weekly “Let’s Talk Books” Feature (don’t worry, that will continue as normal next week with special guest author Jane Carter).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoying learning about GJ Walker-Smith and her books and spending some quality time with me in La La Land where magic, fairies and hope help us understand the world that little bit more. Later up today is my review of Saving Wishes… which is free on iBooks and Amazon so why not grab yourself a copy?

Saving wshes

For more information of GJ Walker-Smith and her novels head on over to the following websites:

GJ’s Website | Facebook | Twitter





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