REVIEW: Sand Jewels By GJ Walker-Smith (Wishes Series 2.5)

Published: 12th October 2013

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 81

Format: Ebook

RRP: $1.10 (selling at $0.99 though)

4/5 Stars

Gabrielle Décarie was over arrogant men – but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun with one.

When she took a chance on Alex Blake, it was supposed to be a one-night deal.

He was too cocky, too flirty and too complicated.

Sand Jewels is the story of why she fell madly in love with him anyway.

Sand Jewels is a short and sweet novella that fits nicely within the Wishes Series. It’s the love story of Gabrielle Decarie and Alex Blake and how their one ‘date’ deal didn’t exactly work out that way…

I’m not going to lie, at first I was apprehensive about this story. I’d read the first two books in the series so quickly and fallen so in love with Charli and Adam that I was desperate to learn more about them as a couple, and as characters. So you can imagine my surprise when I learnt that the next book to be released was not a continuation of their larger story arch, but rather a short novella about Alex Blake and Gabrielle Decarie. While it’s true Alex stole my heart in Saving Wishes (Book 1),  I never really connected with (and thus never really cared much for) Gabrielle’s character and so I was slightly hesitant to read this narrative.

As it turns out I shouldn’t have been for GJ Walker-Smith is such a brilliant wordsmith and her stories have this habit of reading as though they were a movie playing out before you eyes, so much so that before long I  understood Gabrielle’s character in a whole new way and was begging for more. By the end of the book I was not only on the Gabrielle and Alex train, but my entire mind had been changed about her character, even more so since this book is told from her perspective. I don’t think she’ll ever be my favourite character in the series, but I have learnt to love her like Alex does. What’s more I really enjoyed seeing how their relationship really began and how differently Gabbi/Gabrielle sees the world from say the perspective of the Blake family.

Although this book is labelled as book 2.5 in the series, it’s actually set earlier on and thus the events of the book co-inside with book 1, Saving Wishes. I wouldn’t recommend starting with this novella as your introduction to the series, nor would I recommend it as a stand-alone read for it is very much centred within the events of the other books and potentially not strong enough to stand as a narrative on its own. That said Sand Jewels is a very sweet, romantic and highly entertaining read that you can knock over in one sitting and makes a fantastic addition to the already amazing Wishes Series.



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