REVIEW: Silver Dawn by GJ Walker-Smith (Wishes Series, Book 4.5)

Published: 22nd June 2014

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages: 155 Pages

Format: Ebook

RRP: $2.99

5/5 Stars

After five long years of waiting, Gabrielle and Alex’s most longed-for wish is about to come true. Their baby son is due any day, and Gabi has everything planned down the last detail.

Alex has never been one for making plans. He’s a firm believer in fate, trusting that on any given day, things are exactly how they’re supposed to be.

When Gabrielle’s plans go awry at the last minute, both are thrown for a loop. Trying to hold his family together soon takes a toll on Alex. When his once unbreakable connection to Gabrielle begins to slip, his faith in fate is stretched to the limit.

Charli has been waiting to meet her baby brother for months. When the call finally comes, she jumps on the first flight out of New York and heads home for a surprise visit.
Little does she know, her treasured family is at breaking point.

Bonding with her brother comes easily. Maintaining the tight bond she’s always shared with her father is harder to do.

I find myself at loss of words as to how to explain this book. It’s amazing, it’s heartfelt, it’s honest and it’s emotional. More importantly though, I think it’s GJ Walker-Smith’s best book yet!

Silver Dawn is the continuation of Gabbi and Alex’s story in Sand Jewels. It’s set within the larger Wishes Series and takes place sometime between Storm Shells (book three) and Secret North (book four). It’s GJ Walker-Smith’s sixth published novel and quite possibly her most emotional and challenging one.

Whoever said that we’re never sent more than we can handle is a liar. I couldn’t handle the horror I’d be burdened with that morning.

All Gabrielle Decarie has ever wanted was children of her own. So when her partner’s daughter (Charli) comes home pregnant and without the child’s father, she’s naturally pissed off. Even more so since it looks like Charli and Adam don’t want the child … a child that Gabrielle so desperately wants with every fibre of her being; a child that she thinks she is quite possibly destined never to have. That is until one day she does fall pregnant. This is the story of that pregnancy and what happens when its time to welcome her little bundle of joy into the world and things don’t exactly go to plan…

I’ve loved Alex ever since Saving Wishes. But what I’ve loved him more for is the way he acts towards those he loves, especially Charli. I’m close to my Father and yet I still find myself slightly envious of the relationship Charlie and Alex share. He’s her rock, her world, her everything. Even when she didn’t know it. But in this novel, Alex’s faith is tested and he starts to crumble with it.

In times of crisis, people look for meaning. Alex’s biggest problem was that he couldn’t find one. His whole faith had taken a pounding because the theory that bad things don’t happen to good people no longer rang true.

When Charli finds out she rushes back to Pipers Cove and picks up the pieces. Although she may be angry with Alex for the way he’s handling things (the lemon throwing scene anyone) she’s there to pick up the slack when Alex can’t.

I’ve always believed that Alex could fix the whole world when I needed him to, but my eyes have been opened in the most brutal of ways. He wasn’t quite that powerful.

Like Sand Jewels, Silver Dawn is a short and sweet novella. Unlike Sand Jewels however, Silver Dawn is emotional and traumatic and beautiful in it’s imperfections. That’s not to say the writing is imperfect, but rather the story line is not as happy as some of the other books. In fact the writing and story itself is honest, raw, emotional and heartfelt. And quite possibly the most true thing GJ Walker-Smith has ever written.

That’s not to say the entire story is weighed down in emotions. In between all the heavier moments, Walker-Smith has managed to seamlessly weave in her trademark whit and humour without making it seem forced or mocking the seriousness of the situation.

“Did Charlie have a lot of hair?”

“No,” I replied smiling. “She was bald until she was one – and bald again at three.” Gabrielle frowned, forcing me to elaborate. “Chewing gum.” I shook my head. “Terrible ordeal.”

I also loved that while Charlie was holding the forte down in Pipers Cove, Adam was supporting her from New York with their daughter Bridget. It brought a smile to my face being able to see how much he’s grown, even from afar.

“I love you, Adam,” I declared. “And your ugly tie.”

His dark chuckle was quiet and low. “You’re beautiful,” he told me. “Now go to sleep or I’ll mute you.”

Silver Dawn is a book I will carry in my heart for years to come. The pain and feelings that it evoked not only in the characters but in myself was soul crushing and a the same time indescribable and if that’s not the mark of a true story teller, I don’t know what is. Once again I’m in awe of GJ Walker-Smith’s imagination and the power of her writing.



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