REVIEW: More Than Forever by Jay McLean (More Than Series, Book four)

Published: 12th July 2014

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 399

Format: ARC ebook

RRP: $3.74

5/5 Stars

There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured.
A heart so strong it will never slow.
There is a promise so sure it can never lie.
He promised me that love forever.
Even when it wasn’t enough.

Forever. Everlasting. Eternal.
There is no measure of time.
No sounds of the ticking of a clock.
Just the rising and falling of the sun.
And our own sense of forever.

But our forever isn’t always.

Man oh man! This is without a doubt Jay McLean’s BEST book yet for as much as I love Jake and Logan, Cam and Lucy’s story stole my heart!

I first became aware of Aussie Author Jay McLean earlier this year when I was planning to attend the Indie Authors Down Under event in QLD. Without having read any of her books, I ordered paperbacks of all three (there was only two released then and the third due for release just before the event) and signed up for a blog tour for her then upcoming novel More Than Him. I devoured all three books as soon as I had the chance to read them and have been in love with Jay McLean’s writing ever since.

More Than Forever is the fourth book in Jay McLean’s best selling More Than Series. It’s the story of Lucy and Cameron, characters we’d previously been introduced to in earlier novels (More Than This, More Than Her, More Than Him) who fall hopeless head-over-heels in love and share that unique bond that everyone is so desperately looking for. More Than Forever is their story; it’s the story of their relationship from the very first moment they met, through the highs of first love and the lows that accompany it, but ultimately it’s the story of their life together, forever. It’s a love story and its beautiful, traumatic and so damn emotional that it will hold you captivate page after page.

Unlike earlier books in the series, More Than Forever isn’t as angsty as say More Than This, More Than her and More Than Him, and yet it still has McLean’s trademark humour and whit, with a heavy side of emotional roller-coaster (it’s a story of first and true love, how could it be anything but emotional really?). Actually, I think this is not only McLean’s best book to date, but also her most adventurous, for in this book McLean explores Lucy and Cam’s character’s throughout the entire relationship and the series, but also deals with some very significant personal (for the characters not McLean herself) issues that are often swept under the carpet and not deal with at all in a very real and humane way.

When McLean announced that the next book in the More Series was going to be Cam and Lucy’s story, I immediately became worried. While the pair might have been my favourite characters throughout the rest of the series I was worried about how they could hold their own book. For as much as I love drunk Lucy and her antics, there is only so much of that that we can read. What McLean has delivered though is a timeless romantic tale that has heart – it doesn’t gloss over the lows of relationships and how hard it is sometimes to maintain them no matter how perfect you are for each other. It’s the kind of book that hopeless romantics like myself will adore. What’s more, it has just enough of McLean’s trademark humour and whit to take the edge of the emotional upheaval, for make no mistake this book WILL pull at your heart strings. Sure it will make you laugh at times, but it’s also going to have you sobbing great big ugly tears on the floor from your full heart because of how much love and adoration these two characters have for each other despite what the world throws their way.

More Than Forever is a prime example of the kind of relationships people should aspire to have with your friends, with your parents (Mark is one of the best parental figures I have read in a long time), and with each other ( Lucy and Cam’s love is to die for, and totally swoon worthy). It’s the kind of love and relationship that will last forever as the title suggests, but also the type of relationship that I personally aspire to have one day.

Thank you Jay McLean for writing such an honest and heartfelt novel about two characters that simply love each other for who they are.


Jay McLean has such a way with words that she will be sure to tug at your heartstrings





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