Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day (here in Australia) on Sunday 7th September, I thought it was about time that I shared some of my recommendations for last minute Father’s Day Ideas. Having worked in retail for the past ten years, I know how frantic the last minute rush is to get gifts for your Dad, or for the kids to give to Dad. The shops are congested, the register lines long and more often than not, if you are after some very specific item, the shops are sold out…. or the lady in front of you picked up the last one (I’ve been there).

Having worked in the book department for close to four years now, I know what the week leading up to Father’s day is like. As foreign as it sounds to us fellow booklovers, there are customers who set foot in the book department (or a book store) twice a year only (and only then if they can’t get around doing it). They are the type of customers that rock up prior to a big event (usually Mother’s/Father’s Day and Christmas) and want to know the perfect book for their loved one….without knowing any particulars. I kid you not, one time I had someone tell me that they wanted a book for their father, and when I asked what was he into, the customer had no clue and simply answered “he’s my dad, so dad stuff?” like that was going to solve the whole issue. With this in mind, I’ve tried to cover a wide range of likes in this post.

For Dad’s with little kids, keep an eye out for tomorrows post on the best books to give Dad with young kids. I’ll also be reviewing a variety of these kids picture books over the course of the week.


If your Dad likes A Good Laugh, try these books:


If your Dad likes Sport, try these books:



If your Dad likes True Stories, try these books:

If your Dad likes History/Military, try these books:

If your Dad likes True Crime, try these books:

If your Dad likes Crime Novels, try these books:

If your Dad likes Fantasy/Sci-Fi, try these books:

For the fitness focused Dad, try these books:

And lastly, if Dad likes to Cook, try these books:





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