Radio Silence….

…is officially over, because guess what, I’M BACK!!

It’s been just over a month since I last posted on here and while I’m sorry for the delay, it couldn’t be helped. You see with two jobs, and this taking up as much time as a third one sometimes, I was burning myself out in a massive way. So much so that for a while there I just didn’t read a single book! Sadly this wasn’t just because I didn’t have enough time, but because sometimes I just didn’t want to. I was tired and like most avid readers will admit to experiencing at least once, I was going through a reading slump where absolutely nothing could or would hold my attention. As days went on and this ‘dry’ patch turned into weeks, I got more and more desperate to find that one perfect book to hold my attention for long enough for the story to hold me captive… and each time it didn’t happen I got more upset and clingy to the notion …  until I simply gave up. It felt weird not to read anything for so long, and yet I still didn’t feel inclined to pick anything up in a hurry. Then one day I picked up the first book I could reach and read it in one sitting, only to pick up the book underneath it and start to read it too. Which is a relief, because I actually missed reading.

Since that book, I’ve read about three or four books and am well and truly back into the swing of things here on the blog. So stay tuned for a bunch of reviews, blog posts and a new feature called catch up Thursdays (starting in December) where I’ll be posting a bunch of missed author event posts. I’ve got some interviews lined up (see I’ve been busy and planning my return and never completely abandoned you!) and I even won some lucky reader a pretty special KYLIE SCOTT prize (more news to come on that next week). Add to that I’ve been building a bunch of Christmas giveaways and they will start early next week and carry all the way through to Christmas Day, so keep an eye out and you never know you might just win a book or three.




2 thoughts on “Radio Silence….

  1. allvce says:

    Congrats on your return! Looking forward to the new feature and the Kylie Scott giveaway!!

    Glad to see you’re over your reading slump!

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