REVIEW: 12 Days At Silver Bells House By Jennie Jones

Published: November 22, 2014

Publisher: Escape Publishing (Harlequin Australia)

Pages: 145

Format: E-book – Purchased

RRP: $3.99

4.5/5 Stars

12 Days at Silver Bells House – a shorter-length novel in the Swallow’s Fall Series

From the author of the international best-selling The House on Burra Burra Lane comes a Christmas story – country style.

Kate Singleton has twelve days to find herself. With Christmas Day and her thirtieth birthday approaching, the best thing a city-chic fashion designer who no longer has a raison d’etre can do is nullify herself in the country. With Chardonnay.

When trouble strikes, the country presents her with Jamie Knight – a gallant but uncommunicative He-Man who drives an excavator and rescues her, her shoes, and her case of Chardonnay from a boggy field.

The adventure should be over – nothing but a good story to tell to her friends in the city – but her saviour turns out to also be an unexpected roommate, the new owner of Silver Bells House, Kate’s holiday home.

Forced together and dragged into the community Christmas spirit of the town, Kate and Jamie flounder their way through mistletoe, kissing games, carolling choirs, and a bone-deep yearning for community and acceptance.

Can the enchanting Silver Bells House and the holidays bind them together? Or will love get lost on Highway B23 back to the city?


When Kate Singleton’s world is thrown upside down she thinks a quite country escape is just what she needs. After enlisting the help of her best friend, Sammy, she makes the trek from Sydney in a hire car to Silver Bells House. Fate it seems, and perhaps a interfering best friend, has other plans though and quickly sends her much needed holiday on its head. For after crashing her hire car and stranding herself in the mud, it turns out that her knight in shining armour local stonemason Jamie Knight may also have a claim on the house Kate thinks is hers for the next 12 days…

12 Days At Silver Bells House is a great little novella about finding yourself amidst turmoil and the need to sometimes work out what is and isn’t worth the fight. Kate is a free spirit woman who thinks she knows exactly what she wants, including the need to fit in and acting like a right old country pumpkin as seen by ‘city folk’. Jamie is a traveller who plans to explore the country only to find himself drawn unexpectedly to the quite country town of Swallows Falls. So when the two are unexpectedly thrown together fuses are short and the sexual tension heavy, all of which results in one hell of a good story. Coupled with a fantastic cast of small town local personalities and some much loved previous characters from The House On Burra Burra Lane, there’s not much more you could ask for from Aussie Author Jennie Jones.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

Although this book is situated within a larger series, please note that it can be read as a standalone.


To learn more about Jennie Jones and her writing visit the following sites:

Jennie Jones’ Website | Escape Publishing’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

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