Booktopia’s Search For Australia’s Favourite Novelist: Congratulations to the Top 75!

If you’ve been on any social media platform in the past week or so you would have seen authors, publishers and readers alike sharing a link for Booktopia’s various heats in their search for Australia’s Favourite Author. I admit to being slack and not being able to share the heat links on here last week due to poor internet service, but if you follow this page on Facebook, I was able to share them a couple of times.

What is Booktopia‘s search for Australia’s Favourite Author you ask? is an online Australian bookstore that is goes out of its way to promote home grown talent. They started the campaign in January of 2014 when they asked people to email in their favourite Aussie novelists. From this they ran five heats throughout the week asking readers to vote for their favourite authors to process to a longlist. The top 15 authors from each list then went on to the short list, until they were able to count down from 50 with Australia’s Favourite Novelists, eventually crowning the winner by popular vote on Australia Day 2014. The whole process was a lot of fun and generated a lot of excitement and talk about Australian writers and I’m glad the initiative is back again this year.

Sadly I’m late to the party this year, and although I did vote last week in all five heats, I didn’t get to include the links here so that many more of you could vote. I also completely missed the nominations round – but it looks like a lot of my favourite Authors were nominated anyway.

Starting once again tomorrow, the heats start again with a poll running each weekday so that we can narrow the top 75 voted on authors down to the top 50 favourite authors for 2015. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you vote (you can vote for more than one author in each heat, but be careful because you can only vote in each heat once!) this week.

In the meantime, congratulations to all the authors nominated for this years search, especially to those who made the top 75 list below! Best of luck to you all!



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