Valentine’s Day, Library Lovers Day & Bestselling Romance Novels for just 99c!

February 14 is regarded as the most romantic day of the year by many thanks to consumerism, I however much prefer to celebrate Library Lovers Day which just so happens to fall on the same day.

Unlike last year when I went and saw Whitney K.E in her first public appearance as an author, this year I couldn’t find any celebrations at my local libraries and instead I’m planning to spend the day reading books that I already own; probably a good thing considering the amount I already have.




And now onto that bestselling romance novels for 99c headline… to celebrate all things romance on this fine day, ibooks is holding a special where they have discounted a bunch of popular bestselling romance novels to just 99c! I’m not entirely sure how long this sale will last, so I’d check it out sooner than later if I were you, but some of the participating authors include Nora Robets, Rachel Gibson, Kirsty Moseley, Jamie McGuire, Stephanie Laurens, Kate Perry, Lori Foster, Kylie Scott, Jennifer St. George etc.. the list is huge! So make sure you check it out and grab yourself a bargain 🙂


Regardless of what or how you choose to celebrate  today I wish you the world of book love on this day and every day 🙂





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