REVIEW: Snowy River Man By Lizzy Chandler

Published: February 22nd 2015

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Pages: 165

Format: E-book (Courtesy Of Publisher via Netgalley)

RRP: $4.99

4/5 Stars

The last time Katrina Delaney saw Jack Fairley was the morning after a one-night stand, when she discovered he was engaged to be married. Seven years later, she dreams of a missing boy – Jack’s son. Katrina has worked with police to find missing children before, and she knows she must help. But seeing Jack again comes with its own set of dangers, and Katrina fears the risks she is taking with her heart.

Jack Fairley’s standing in the community can’t keep his son from wandering off during a country rodeo. Frantic with worry, Jack is willing to do anything to find him, even put aside his scepticism and accept the help of a woman who sees his son in a dream. But when that woman turns out to be Katrina Delaney, he’s immediately suspicious. Neither Katrina nor Jack have any reason to trust each other, or the attraction that flares between them again. But trust they will have to, if they want any chance at love

Snowy River Man is the début romance novel from Aussie Author Lizzy Chandler. Lizzy is better known as Elizabeth Lhuede for her writing and her founding role in creating the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

After dreaming of a distressed boy Katrina Delaney is left feeling shaken.The next day she hears news that a child (Nick) has gone missing in the Snowy River Mountains and she knows with absolute certain that the child in question is the same one she envisioned the night before. But can she help find the child before it’s too late? And will her tainted past with the child’s father ruin her chances to help?

Children disappear in a blink of an eye. A fact that Jack Fairley knows better than anyone. One minute his son is sitting on the fence watching him compete in the country rodeo and next minute Nick has disappeared without a trace. As the minutes pass without any sign of his son, Jack starts to panic and before long the town is involved in a full blown search.In the middle of the chaos, Katrina Delaney turns up claiming to have ‘seen’ his son in her dream and although it’s the last thing he wants to do, he begrudgingly agrees to let her help, all the while discrediting her psychic abilities at every chance he gets. Afterall he doesn’t have time for this particular blast from the past right now, especially when his son’s very life could be weighing on his choices.

Snowy River Man is a well written, quick and enjoyable read. Chandler sets the country scene early on and with astounding accuracy is able to maintain it’s portrayal and life to the point I almost believed I was there standing on Jack’s farm and seeing everything play out as he and Katrina do. At the very least I was watching the events unfold before my very eyes on a silver screen. What’s more her characters literally jump off the page, warts and all. I was actually really drawn to both characters in this book, despite the underlining unease and the feeling that someone was lying…

The chemistry between Jack and Katrina is realistic and believable and something I found myself betting on as the events of the book unfolded. With tensions high and past secrets making the present complicated, all I wanted was for the pair to sort out their differences and own up to what they ‘thought’ they were protecting the other person from. Life would be a damn lot easier for them if they did – though I guess that’s the beauty of the book, being able to see this problems and their ‘quick fix’ from afar. Their romance, albeit the second time around, is slow in many ways as both are wary of the other and neither willing to act on it. That’s not to say that they don’t instantly want each other, for even their complicated and messy past history can’t stop them from lusting after the other at ‘first’ sight.

Although Snowy River Man is clearly a romance and holds many of the aspects of a rural novel, I’m slightly confused as where to place the novel myself due to it’s many parts. There’s some sense of magic realism with the psychic angle and the dream time element, but it’s rushed and not as fleshed out as it could be. There’s also a sense of romantic suspense with Nick missing, followed by the complications of the Brumby being let out, Jack’s secretary’s dealings and the Mother-in-Law and brother aspects. Throughout the novel I got a great sense of unease that something big and drastic was going to happen, and while it did, these almost ‘red herring’s didn’t venture into anything other than a passing mention despite being drawn to the forefront of the story, which was slightly disappointing. I do understand that the book is short (coming in at 165 pages) and that not everything could be explored in such a short space but I would have liked these angles to have been incorporated a bit more into the overall story. If only to clear up my confusion and sense of being let down when nothing eventuated from them.

I had slight issues with the initial conflict of the book. I won’t go into detail too much here due to spoilers but I do find it hard to believe that either character was quite so blind to what happened, and so accepting despite a small spat post revelation. I do understand the change, but it felt a little rushed. All of that said, Snowy River Man is a work of fiction and I was able to suspend my sense of disbelief throughout the story. Largely because I really wanted to know what was coming next! Chandler certainly challenges her readers to guess what’s happening next, so much so that I can almost guarantee you won’t pick what will happen next!

Snowy River Man is a well crafted and enjoyable read. Like the land, the characters are rough and ready to take any knock that comes their way, which is just as well because their lives are about to be turned upside down! With a dash of suspense, a sprinkle of romance and bucket loads of just great fiction you will be quickly immersed in this short, sharp and sweet tale that will warm your heart and leave you feeling content with the world at large. In other words, its a feel good story ideal for romance readers and anyone who likes a well told narrative to whisk them away for a couple of hours. The perfect quick escape and summer read.


To celebrate the release of this book, Lizzy Chandler dropped by the blog early this week to tell us a bit about her inspiration for Jack Fairley. That post can be found here.

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