It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Last week I really didn’t read at all. Not because I didn’t want too (because I did) or because I didn’t have time (because I did), but rather because after I finished Lesia Rayven’s Bad Romeo I simply couldn’t choose what to read next.  I own so many books that are unread both in print and ebook and I simply couldn’t choose which one to pick up next (I blame Rayven partly because of this… for anyone who follows me on social media, I had a huge book hangover after reading her book!)…. so I just didn’t read anything. Well not until Saturday that is when I sat down and picked up Rachael Johns Jilted and read the whole damn thing in one sitting. It was great! From there I went on two start the sequel and read an ebook, and basically my entire weeks reading was done in two days – one of which I wasn’t home!

As for this week, I’m heading off to Canberra on Friday to attend the Australian Romance Readers Conference. I’m looking forward to it a weekend of laughs, great company and just generally being able to sit and listen to authors and readers alike talk about their favourite parts of the book industry and books in general. I’m not going to promise to post throughout the weekend, because I intend to be living in the moment and having too much fun to do so (I’ll try and keep the blogs facebook page updated with snippets though), but I’ll be sure to let you know what it was like next week when I’m back home and exhausted from my bookish long weekend.


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Australian Romance Readers Conference Canberra 2015

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