It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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I’ve been mostly absent for the last couple of weeks having the most amazing bookish adventures. I have so much to tell you and gush about, but I’ve been busy – bookish adventures still continuing and all – that I’ve been forcibly restraining myself (there is after all a point where no one likes to reading gushing) so hat I can first fully

Two weeks ago I attend the Romance Readers of Australia Convention in Canberra for the weekend – which was a seriously fantastic (more on that later this week) – with my Mum. It was a surreal experience (despite being my second convention of its type) being able to spend an entire weekend surrounded by like minded people who just got what it meant to read romance and fall in love with fictional characters even. I even got to meet some of the fabulous authors that have been kind enough to be on this blog in the past 🙂 However if you follow me on facebook, you would have seen a post on the morning that I left for the conference saying that I had fallen victim to the flu my family had; I’m pleased to say I held it off for the convention, but it hit hard come Monday morning and took me out for the next week!! It was worth it though to have that weekend!

Then last week I was fortunate enough to be invited – via Amy from Lost In A Good Book – to attend an advance screening of the movie “The DUFF” courtesy of Hachette Australia. Although in Sydney, this was a pretty great night out.

And then we come to this past weekend, which just so happened to be the third Newcastle Writers Festival – more on this realistically to come next week – where I spent three days surrounded by authors, readers, politicians, poets, journalist… basically everyone obsessed with the written word. It was so much fun and highly entertaining and even intellectually stimulating at times. Although I’ll dedicate a few posts to this festival next week, the stand outs for this festival for me where Melina Marchetta’s talk, Garth Nix’s Talk, The Romance Is NOT a Dirty Word panel with Kaz Delaney, Fiona McArthur, Kelly Hunter and Anne Gracie, and meeting Jessica Rudd.

And if that wasn’t enough bookish adventures, I’ve got a 12 page Book Catalogue for work this week which is taking up all my time, energy and excitement. So I’ll be pulling long days to set it up and get ready, but I promise I haven’t left and I will be back. I’m just exhausted and haven’t picked up a book in a week to read because I haven’t got time!

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