It’s Friday! What Are You Reading?

Hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

So a super storm hit Newcastle/The Hunter/Lake Mac this week and it’s made life interesting to say the least. In the past three days I’ve sat in traffic for hours, driven through flood waters (around a round about, the cops and firemen were there and it was safe, despite a floating car in the lane blocked off), driven through trees, fought with the wind to stay on the road and had to explain to desperate people that we were sold out of torches, batteries, tarps and battery operated radios and that was all by Tuesday!

I lost power for a week, but our house is safe (minus an attempt of a small tree who fell on it) and my all my family members and friends accountable for. So I’m lucky. In fact I had a lot of fun playing card games (particular the vicious game of GO FISH with my ten year old sister) each night in the dark. We laughed, and we had a great time.

As it happens however, I had a great reading week last week – which this post is supposed to be about. So since I couldn’t post it on Monday as we’d lost power and were fighting crazy cyclonic winds then, here’s my It’s Monday! What are you reading post on a Friday!

I had the best reading week last week. I felt the urge to read a shifter novel on Sunday and then proceeded to book binge read for the remainder of the week where I than read Six full length novels in Seven days! That never happens to me!

Given lack of power meant no internet too, forgive me for the amount of ANZAC related posts that were meant to go up on Monday/Tuesday of this week, but will have to go up today! Sorry for the overload.

Hope you all stayed safe if you were in a storm affected area, and happy reading!


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