REVIEW: We’re All Australians Now by A B (Banjo) Paterson and Mark Wilson (Illustrator)

Published: 1st April 2015

Publisher: Angus & Robertson (imprint of Harper Collins Australia)

Pages: 32

Format: Hardback (purchased)

RRP: $24.99

3.5/5 Stars

We’re All Australians Now follows the tradition of A & R children’s classics such as Mulga’s Bill Bicycle and Click Go the Shears, A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson’s poem is illustrated by the award-winning Gregory Rogers. Ages: 4-8.

In 1915 Banjo Paterson wrote as an open letter to the troops a poem he titled We’re All Australians Now’, ‘Australia takes her pen in hand, To write a line to you, To let you fellows understand, How proud we are of you.

Illustrated by Mark Wilson (A Day to Remember by Jackie French) this moving and beautiful picture book follows in the tradition of previous A & R classics such as Mulga Bill’s Bicycle and The Man From Snowy River and is a timely contribution to our WW1 Centenary publishing program.

We’re All Australians Now is a poem written by Australian Icon and Poet Banjo Paterson. It was written as an open letter to the Australian troops fighting in World War 1 in Gallipoli/the Dardanelles in 1915. The piece itself is quite moving and patriotic and seeks to unite all the men fighting under the Australian flag and name as one. It highlights how until Gallipoli/Dardanelles that as a group Australia had no single Identity that could encompass the entire nation until Australian men from all walks of life stood together to fight for king and country and built a nation as it went.

“The mettle that a race can show

Is proved with shot and steel,

And now we know what nations know

And feel what nations feel.

The honoured graves beneath the crest

of Gaba Tepe hill,

May hold our Bravest and our best,

But we have brave men still.

Our ild world diff’rences are dead,

Like weeds beneath the plough,

For Engligh, Scotch, and Irish-bred,

They’re All Australian now!”


This poem may be beautiful, and available all over the net, but I highly recommend you seek out a copy of this book from your library or closest book store for Mark Wilson’s illustrations are simply amazing.

To purchase a copy visit the following retailers:

ABC Shop | Booktopia |


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